NXT UK – November 4, 2021

Date: November 4, 2021
Location: BT Sports Studios, London, England
Commentators: Nigel McGuinness, Andy Shepherd

It’s another title week around here as Jinny is getting a Women’s Title shot against Meiko Satomura. I know she might not be the flashiest, but there is something special about seeing Satomura get in the ring. She really is a legend and it will be nice to see her defend the title again. Let’s get to it.

We open with a quick look at the Women’s Title match.

Opening sequence.

Rampage Brown vs. Flash Morgan Webster

This is part of Webster trying to go after the monsters on the show because he’s a bit out there. Brown powers him around to start and doesn’t seem to be sweating Webster that much so far. There’s another toss into the corner so it’s time for Webster to get a breather. Back in and Webster strikes away in the corner to little avail but he manages to send Brown outside for a change.

Brown gets back in and hits something like a belly to belly, followed by a toss suplex to send Webster flying again. One heck of a Saito suplex drops Webster again but he somehow survives and strikes away, setting up a jawbreaker. A top rope hurricanrana sends Brown outside but he pulls a dive out of the air. Webster escapes and gets back inside, setting up the suicide dive DDT to take Brown down. Back in and Shadows Over Malice gives Webster two but Brown just BLASTS him with a clothesline. The Doctor Bomb finishes Webster at 7:16.

Rating: C+. I’m not sure where Webster is going with his attacks on the monsters, but they had a nice match here with with good story. Brown getting a win works, as he was just too much for Webster to handle. The match worked out well enough and now I’m curious about what they are going to do with the Webster story.

We look back at Trent Seven costing Tyler Bate the Heritage Cup to Noam Dar last week.

Trent Seven interrupts a Tyler Bate interview and apologizes for last week. Bate seems to forgive him, but Seven isn’t done: he has gotten them added to a #1 contenders match for the Tag Team Titles. That’s cool with Bate and everything seems fine.

Xia Brookside comes in to see Sid Scala and asks to be #1 contender to the Women’s Title. That’s a no because she has been losing a lot lately, so she calls her dad (NXT trainer Robbie Brookside) to complain. This was rather different for her and I’m going to need to see more of it.

Angel Haze vs. Isla Dawn

Dawn runs her over to start but punches the mat by mistake. Haze grabs a rollup for two but gets sent flying, allowing Dawn to hit a backdrop driver. With Haze rocked, Dawn pulls out some of Haze’s hair and that’s a DQ at 2:17.

Post match, Dawn beats her down again and leaves with the hair, seemingly rather happy.

Video on A-Kid.

Sam Gradwell isn’t impressed with A-Kid.

Flash Morgan Webster is with Subculture and is happy with his match. Stevie Turner comes in to say she’s better than all of them so Dani Luna glares her away.

Here is Ilja Dragunov for a chat. He reminds us that he is the champion and he wished he could explain how it feels to go from nothing to champion. Now he is the face and spirit of everyone here and he is ready to step into this ring with some top level competitors. He thanks A-Kid for pushing him harder than ever and thought it was a great first title defense. Now he wants the next one so here is Rampage Brown to say he wants a title shot. Dragunov says he has faced giants before and he would love to face Brown. Dragunov goes to leave so Brown hits him from behind, saying he doesn’t need respect, but rather just the title.

Jinny comes up to Meiko Satomura for some trash talk before the match, but Blair Davenport comes in to say that she’s taking the title from whoever wins anyway.

Teoman and Rohan Raja are ready for their fight with Gallus and the eye is always open.

Nathan Frazer is watching film when Subculture comes in. Frazer vs. Mark Andrews is set in a hurry, though they’re cool with each other.

Women’s Title: Jinny vs. Meiko Satomura

Satomura is defending and we have Joseph Conners and Emilia McKenzie as the seconds. Jinny powers her up against the ropes to start and gets kicked in the leg for her efforts. Satomura cranks on the arm but Jinny takes her down into an armbar. A headlock takeover gets Satomura out of trouble but she has to fight out of a headscissors.

Back up and Satomura wins a slugout until Jinny kicks her in the knee to slow things down. It’s time to go after Satomura’s leg but she sweeps Jinny’s leg to take her down into another headlock. Satomura goes up, only to quickly be pulled onto the turnbuckle for the big crash. Now Jinny can really take over on the leg again, starting by slamming it onto the mat. The half crab doesn’t work very well so Jinny kicks at the leg, only to have Satomura come back with her own kicks.

A spinwheel kick sets up the YES Kicks but Jinny catches her on top. Jinny cutters her down into the half crab but Satomura makes the long crawl to the rope. Satomura kicks her right back down and hits a top rope splash. An STF sends Jinny over to the ropes this time so Conners gets on the apron. That’s broken up by McKenzie, leaving Satomura to grab a Death Valley Driver for a very close two. Scorpion Rising sets up another Death Valley Driver to retain Satomura’s title at 12:45.

Rating: B-. This took some time to get going but they managed to turn Jinny, who isn’t the most intimidating, into someone who felt like a threat to Satomura. Conners and McKenzie didn’t do much here and that is a lot better than having to deal with them getting involved every two seconds. Good enough for a low level title match main event, which is hard to do most of the time.

Overall Rating: B-. They hit a bunch of good points here, making this a rather NXT UK show. You had some fine enough action and they set things up for later, which is one of the most important things a show can do. It’s nice to give me a reason to want to come back and they pull it off well around here.



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