Blog of DOOM Daily Thread – 6th November 2021

Happy Saturday Everyone!

Rampage was a good show and I’m very much looking forward to Full Gear on the 13th of November

Let’s hope AEW makes it a memorable night by Belting The Hangman!

Scheduled today on the Blog: Thomas and Scott have got the Rampage reviews. Thomas has also written reviews for Smackdown and Impact. Later on today I’ve got a review of WCW Halloween Havoc from 1991 and then Maffew will take us home with another UWF Fury Hour review in the wee hours

News from Cultaholic

Cage and JE Vs Super Kliq at Full Gear

I think a barn might just get burnt down!

Big Show Vs Shaq is apparently close to happening

Probably at least 10 years too late, but they might get some buzz for it at least

Fallout from WWE releases

Have a gooden everyone!