Tony D’Angelo


After two months I can say that I'm not a fan of NXT 2.0.  There is some good (Bron Breakker, Ciampa, Gargano and Lumis) but it is outweighed by bad considerably.  

That being said, Tony D'Angelo is a gem.  This may be the most charismatic guy they've introduced in years.  I find myself laughing at all of his segments.  There
is no reason why a tired old mafia gimmick should work in 2021 but Tony seems to be pulling it off and looks like he's having fun doing it.  You can't help but laugh every time he shows up because of how ridiculous the character is.

Do you think he's got a future?

Honestly there’s no way to tell if any of the current trainees have a future outside of Bron Breakker.  It takes most guys YEARS to even figure out their in ring style and character.  As a gimmick he’s funny but you can’t base anything off 3 matches in front of their 300 robo-fans.