Thomas Hall

I agree with yesterday's post and have wondered myself why
your reviews are always before Thomas Hall's in the blog.  Thomas is a
much better reviewer than you.  While not perfect, I would say that his
reviews average “3 stars.”  Your reviews, on the other hand,
range anywhere from “1 star” for stuff before 2002 to “three hot
pokers up the ass” for anything since 2001.


I've always figured that you are just lazy.  So, it takes
you a lot longer to write your reviews, and yours just
come first.  However, it could be because you are a conceited SOB who really
believes his are better or because you’re an entitled ass who says, “It's
my blog, so f--- the other contributors.”

There’s literally a huge banner at the top of the site that says it’s my blog.  I’m really not sure why this is suddenly a contentious topic among people with fake email addresses.   If you want Tommy’s reviews exclusively then go to and enjoy!