The SmarK Rant for Mid-South Wrestling – 10.19.85

The SmarK Rant for Mid-South Wrestling – 10.19.85

Taped from Shreveport, LA

Your hosts are Jim Ross & Joel Watts

Last week:  Buzz Sawyer and Hacksaw Duggan nearly get into a scrap during a commercial break, as Duggan throws the stairs around outside and Mad Dog swings the chain in the ring and dares him to come in.  Finally Jake Roberts talks some sense into Duggan since he was on slightly less drugs at that point.

Dirty Dutch Mantel v. Bobby Fulton

Bobby literally walks around ringside hugging old ladies and high-fiving kids, although there’s some dorky heel fan in a lucha mask who makes sure to get on camera and jeer him.  See, they had incels back in 1985, too!  Mantel quickly takes him down with a standing armbar and pulls the tights, but the ref breaks it up because “he senses the rule infraction”.  Refereeing is about FACTS, not feelings!  Mantel takes him to the corner and pounds the back, then tosses Fulton to the floor.  Back in, Dutch slugs away and adds a powerslam for two.  Fulton makes the comeback and slugs away in the corner, but he misses a charge and Dutch gets two by using the ropes.  Mantel celebrates early and then gets frustrated with the ref and shoves him away, which allows Fulton to take him down and pin him using the ropes himself!  OK that was clever.  1 for 1.

Mid South TV title:  Butch Reed v. El Corsario

Reed overpowers him on the lockup and Corsario claims a mask pull.  Reed takes him down with a headlock and Corsario claims a mask pull again and then hides in the ropes.  Reed takes him down and works on the arm while JR notes that if you’re a new viewer, you’ve picked a great time to start watching the show.  Can you even imagine a new viewer today in 2021, trying to wade through 3 hours of RAW every week and WWE’s labyrinthine history of brand splits?  How do you even make new fans now?  Corsario gets a superkick out of the corner and beats on Reed’s back with clubbing forearms, but Reed catches a kick and comes back with a dropkick and the SOUP BONES.  JR is unsure if they have soup bones in Puerto Rico.  Regardless, Reed goes up and finishes with a flying shoulderblock at 4:58.  The discussion of soup bones reminds me of a long running joke in our immediate family, as one of my wife’s older relatives was over for Thanksgiving dinner one year and was aghast that we were going to throw out the turkey carcass, when in fact we should have been saving it for soup.  My immediate reaction was that if we wanted soup we could purchase it in cans, plus we had neither the means nor experience to make turkey soup from scratch, but she insisted that we keep it because we could always go next door and give it to our elderly neighbor.  So we stuck it in the freezer and that was 10 years ago and I think it’s probably still in there today.  1 for 2.

Humongous & The Nightmare v. Nick Patrick & Steve Constance

Nightmare offers a handshake to young Nick Patrick but then turns on him, so Patrick takes him down with armdrags and works on that.  Constance comes in while Joel thinks that Humperdink is using post-hypnotic suggestion to control Humongous.  Maybe it’s just hookers and blow like every other wrestler in the 80s?  Nightmare smashes Constance into the hockey mask and busts him wide open, and then Humongous finishes with a cobra clutch at 2:00.  That was like an AEW bladejob.  2 for 3.

Eddie Gilbert v. Mike Nichols

Hot Stuff is in full Memphis heel mode now and he pounds Nichols down immediately and goes to a chinlock.  Eddie whips him into a forearm shot and does some strutting before putting him in a chinlock and laying the badmouth on him.  Eddie rides him on the mat and slaps him around, then goes to a standing armbar and cranks on that.  Suplex gets two.  Nichols fights back, but walks into the hot shot and gets pinned at 3:00.  2 for 4.

Mad Dog Buzz Sawyer v. Don Turner

Boyd Pierce introduces Buzz as “Stalking the ring in the blue corner”.  And then Buzz cuts a crazed promo about how he went to New York and “slapped Hulk Hogan and Junkyard Dog around” and had to quit because there was no competition.  That’s a unique interpretation of his time there.  Anyway, he’s got a problem with Jim Duggan and also with cocaine from what I can tell, not necessarily in that order.  Buzz beats on Turner in the corner with chops and follows with a suplex before tearing at the guy’s face and rubbing his face in the mat.  Sawyer with a dropkick while the fans chant for JYD because Buzz keeps bringing him up despite him being gone for the WWF months ago, and the powerslam finishes at 1:30.  Buzz looked like his heart was ready to explode at any minute.  2 for 5.

Mr. UNPREDICTABLE Dick Slater v. Tommy Rogers

Slater takes him down with a throw but Rogers lands on his feet and goes to a hammerlock.  JR brings up a newspaper in Dallas that has Dick Slater ranked #5 in the world at this point.  WHAT?!  Was it the Dick Slater Weekly Report?  Slater tosses Rogers to the floor and kicks him from the apron, and then necks him on the way back into the ring.  Butterfly suplex gets two.  Russian legsweep gets two.  Slater tosses him again and brings him back in with a delayed suplex, but Rogers makes the comeback.  Hiptoss from Rogers, but he misses a blind charge and Slater punts him and goes to his “world renowned sleeper” to finish at 6:10.  Slater completely gobbled him in 2002 HHH fashion here to make himself look like the world-beating big star.  ALMOST LIKE HE’S THE BOOKER OR SOMETHING LOL.  2 for 6.

Mid South Tag team title:  Al Perez & Wendell Cooley v. Ted Dibiase & Steve Williams

They have a giant brawl to start and everyone slugs it out, but Dibiase runs Cooley into the post to take over.  Doc with a back elbow for two.  Dibiase drops a fist on him and slugs away on the ropes while Cooley is bleeding from the post shot, but he comes back with a backslide for two.  Dibiase cuts off the tag and Doc beats on Cooley in the corner for two.  Suplex gets two.  Dibiase with a piledriver for two.  Another one is reversed by Cooley but Doc cuts off another tag.  He sets up the Stampede, but Cooley grabs the ropes and falls on top for two.  Doc beats him down again, but misses a dramatic charge and hits the turnbuckles.  Hot tag Perez and he runs wild but time expires at 5:02 and it’s a draw.  Good match to end the show.  3 for 7.

Aside from Slater and Sawyer continuing to do their best to sink another territory by booking themselves on top, this was a solid week of pro graps.