Impact Wrestling – November 4, 2021

Impact Wrestling
Date: November 4, 2021
Location: Sam’s Town Live, Las Vegas, Nevada
Commentators: Matt Striker, D’Lo Brown

Things are staying interesting after Bound For Glory as Moose is the World Champion and needs some friends to go after his challengers. This time around, that means a guest star in the form of Minoru Suzuki, who will be in for a six man tag. I think that’s enough to hype up the show so let’s get to it.

Opening recap.

Opening sequence.

Steve Maclin vs. Rohit Raju vs. Laredo Kid vs. Black Taurus

For a future X-Division Title shot and Raj Singh and Crazzy Steve are here too. Maclin and Taurus clear the ring to start and take turns running the ropes until Taurus scores with a clothesline to the floor. The two of them wind up on the floor and Laredo hits a moonsault onto everyone else. Back in and Raju hammers Kid into the corner, setting up a sitout gordbuster for two. Taurus comes back in so Kid hurricanranas out back to the floor, setting up a dive for two. Raju rolls up Kid for two but gets kicked into Taurus, allowing Kid to hit a Michinoku Driver for the pin and the title shot at 5:21.

Rating: C+. Kid is the right choice to get the title shot as a match with Trey Miguel could be excellent. I’m also glad that Maclin didn’t take the fall, as he has still been protected and now they are moving him up the ladder, at least a little bit. Hopefully they figure something out for everyone, as this is becoming a bit more interesting.

Post match X-Division Champion Trey Miguel comes out for the staredown but Maclin jumps him. Kid and Miguel clear Maclin out.

Here’s what’s coming tonight.

Madison Rayne is ready for Mickie James tonight, but she doesn’t know anything about hosting Locker Room Talk on the same show.

Ace Austin shows off an I Beat Chris Sabin shirt and thinks Madman Fulton can do the same.

Here is Violent By Design for a chat. Eric Young talks about how Rhino had a decision to make and made the wrong choice. If you’re Violent By Design, you’re Violent By Design forever. Young has been out of the ring for six months and now it is time to get his hands dirty again. Tonight, the first brick will be laid in the monument to violence.

Eric Young vs. Jay Vidal

The fans know Vidal and Young gives him a chance to introduce himself. Vidal is excited, which Young says is a sign of the sickness. The beating is on in a hurry, including a running clothesline into a powerbomb. The piledriver finishes Vidal at 1:07.

We go to the IInspiration’s locker room (which looks like a hotel) for Locker Room Talk, where the lights go out and Decay haunts them. TURNING POINT is written on a mirror.

Ad for Turning Point.

The IInspiration says they don’t want to do Ghostbusters so Gia Miller tells them to stay away from the Undead Brides. Don’t worry though, because the IInspiration has a plan for them.

Good Brothers vs. FinJuice

Non-title. Finlay grabs Anderson’s arm to start for some early twisting, plus Robinson to come in with an ax handle. Anderson manages to send Robinson outside though and Gallows adds a big boot to send us to a break. Back with Robinson getting crushed in the corner to set up the chinlock. Robinson avoids a chinlock though and it’s back to Finlay to pick the pace way up. A Rock Bottom onto the knee gets two on Anderson but the Doomsday Device is broken up. Everyone collides for a four way knockdown….and here’s the Bullet Club to attack Robinson for the DQ at 10:06.

Rating: C. FinJuice continues to look good in the ring and they feel like an established, regular team over here. I was worried that they were just more guest stars from New Japan but it is nice to have had them sticking around for the time being. Now just get the Good Brothers off of this show for the better part of ever and we’ll be getting somewhere.

Post match the beatdown is on, including a bunch of low blows and title shots.

Johnny Swinger is trying to sell his decorations to raise money for his own casino. Hernandez isn’t interested.

FinJuice is sick of the Bullet Club so Scott D’Amore gives them a match against said Club next week. We’ll make that a #1 contenders match too.

Knockouts Title: Madison Rayne vs. Mickie James

Rayne is challenging and has Kaleb With A K with her. They grapple around the ropes to start before fighting over wrist control. With that not working, Mickie catches a kick to the ribs but gets in a tug of war with Kaleb With A K over Madison. Mickie gets the better of things and goes up, only to get slammed back down for two.

After the rhythmic breathing is covered, Madison starts raking the eyes on the ropes. A hard whip into the corner has Mickie in trouble but she makes the clothesline comeback. There’s a neckbreaker to drop Madison but another Kaleb With A K distraction lets Rayne grab a cutter for two. Mickie is sent outside, where Kaleb With A K slaps the post by mistake. Back in and the top rope Thesz press retains the title at 7:42.

Rating: C. I know Rayne might not feel like a legend at times, but this was actually quite the high profile match for the division. Both of these two should be in the Impact Hall of Fame, as they have held the Knockouts Title more than almost anyone else. Rayne is a veteran who can still have a fine match and James can do well with anyone. Nice job here and a bigger feel than I would have expected.

Post match here is Mercedes Martinez to continue the trend of M named women. She congratulates Mickie on everything she has done, but now she wants her title shot (which she earned by winning the Knockouts Knockdown tournament). The title match is on at Turning Point.

The IInspiration comes up to the Undead Brides and asks them to face Decay on their behalf next week. A discussion on the belief in ghosts ensues.

Josh Alexander, Matt Cardona and Eddie Edwards are ready for the main event.

Chris Sabin vs. Madman Fulton

Ace Austin is in Fulton’s corner. Sabin tries to start fast but his middle rope crossbody is pulled out of the air. With that not working, Sabin goes for the hair, twisting it around like a wristlock. You don’t do that to Fulton, who takes him outside for a Rock Bottom onto the apron. We take a break and come back with Fulton hitting a middle rope crossbody of all things. Sabin manages to low bridge him to the floor for a breather though, setting up a dive. Back in and Fulton is too big for the Cradle Shock but Sabin flips out of a spinning Rock Bottom. A small package gives Sabin the pin at 8:16.

Rating: C. Sabin continues to make almost everyone else look better as his Impact renaissance rolls on. I could go for the next Sabin vs. Austin showdown and they are doing a nice job of setting everything up. Fulton is still a heck of a monster, though they might hold off on having him eat so many pins.

Post match Sabin has to duck Austin’s interference and runs off to fight another day.

Turning Point rundown.

Moose/W. Morrissey/Minoru Suzuki vs. Matt Cardona/Eddie Edwards/Josh Alexander

Alexander and Moose start but it’s off to Suzuki instead for the big showdown. Alexander gives us a token headlock before they slug it out, meaning it’s quickly off to Morrissey. The ankle lock doesn’t last long so Eddie comes in to send the villains outside. A hard dive sends Moose into the barricade and we take a break.

Back with Morrissey kneeing Cardona from the apron, allowing Suzuki armbarring him over the ropes. Suzuki comes in for a Crossface before handing it back to Morrissey. The monsters take turns beating on Cardona, who enziguris his way to freedom. The referee misses the tag to Eddie though and Morrissey gets to beat on Cardona even more.

That lasts all of a few seconds before the real tag brings in Alexander to wreck things. Everything breaks down and Eddie Blue Thunder Bombs Morrissey, leaving Alexander and Suzuki to slug it out again. Suzuki hits the Gotch Style piledriver for no cover, as Eddie kicks him in the face. In the melee, Morrissey hits a powerbomb to finish Eddie at 14:26.

Rating: C+. They managed to make a Matt Cardona match feel important so well done. The evil trio looked good here, even if they are likely a short term team. Edwards is a made man and Alexander is fresh off the run of his career so they both should be fine going forward. Alexander vs. Suzuki alone should be enough to get us somewhere so well done again.

Overall Rating: C+. When the heck did Impact get so competent? This was a well put together show with stories being advanced and characters I care about. I know a lot of people are never going to give them a chance and after so many years of disappointment, I can’t fault them whatsoever. For now though, Impact is one of the more consistently good shows today and I’m starting to look forward to watching it week to week. Nice job, and not something I would have ever bet on being the case.

Laredo Kid b. Black Taurus, Steve Maclin and Rohit Raju – Michinoku Driver to Raju
Eric Young b. Jay Vidal – Piledriver
FinJuice b. Good Brothers via DQ when Bullet Club interfered
Mickie James b. Madison Rayne – Top rope Thesz press
Chris Sabin b. Madman Fulton – Small package
W. Morrissey/Moose/Minoru Suzuki b. Josh Alexander/Eddie Edwards/Matt Cardona – Powerbomb to Edwards




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