Contract signings

If there's one thing in wrestling I wish would be taking to the back and shot old yeller style, it's contract signing segments, WWE seemingly does them every 2-3 weeks and even promotions AEW and Impact trots them out on occasions and they're mostly the same
thing, like it's overkill.  Anything other tropes in wrestling you wish would just stop already?

I don't mind tropes that are done well like MJF and his cheap heat interviews, but it's the ones that are lazy and repetitive that make shows unwatchable.  NXT 1.0 got really dependent on booking multi-man matches to decide participants in other multi-man matches, for example, and it was just so overdone.  Obviously the latest flavor of the week was “CAN THESE TWO PEOPLE CO-EXIST?”   Also tiresome is “Person 1 is doing a promo in the ring to challenge a champion, but then Person 2 interrupts, and Person 3 interrupts, and then the authority figure books a mutl-person match to decide the title contender”  Of course there's more but that's three off the top of my head.