Blog of DOOM Daily Thread – 5th November 2021

Happy Bonfire Day Everyone!

The big story today is that WWE has done a load of cuts

Franky Monet kind of stood out for me, just because before she went to NXT she probably could have walked into AEW’s, then thinner, women’s division and been one of the top stars right off the bat. However, since she’s been in NXT they’ve shored things up in AEW and have a nice mix of talent and star power in there now, so she’d probably be on the Dark crew at best for the time being if she decided to sign now. There’s always Mexico for her I guess.

Nia Jax getting released was another surprise as well due to her familial connections and the fact she’d survived so many incidents during her time there. Maybe messing with Charlotte was the straw that broke the camel’s back? Bryan Alvarez has also said that some of these sackings were a direct result of people refusing the vaccine, so it’ll be interesting to see who got cut for that reason and who just got cut for general money saving in the coming months.

Scheduled today on the Blog: Scott has got some Mid-South for us later. J.W. has another Flashback Friday Wrestling Mad review for us. Logan has got some more WWF from 1990. Brian posted some more WWF from 1995 yesterday. Andy posted the indies thread last night

Other news from Cultaholic

Big Show was just as annoyed by his constant Face/Heel turns as we were

If he ever turns in AEW then I’m ready for the internet to break

Mike Chioda would like to go back to WWE

I’m still surprised they sacked him to begin with

Ruining the goalies life in every FIFA game

Have a gooden everyone!