WWF Superstars – October 28th, 1995

October 28, 1995

From the Agridome in Regina, Saskatchewan

Your hosts are Vince McMahon, Jerry “The King” Lawler, and Jim Ross

We get a video package from “In Your House” where Shawn Michaels forfeited his Intercontinental Title to Dean Douglas, with Douglas then losing the title to Razor Ramon. This sets up Razor vs. Yokozuna this week in a non-title match.


We get a clip of the Diesel and Bret Hart confrontation from the PPV where Bret Hart got Diesel disqualified by attacking Bulldog after he was slapped. Reading in the “Pro Wrestling Torch” newsletter from Wade Keller, he said there was heat on Bret by management at the PPV. Apparently, he was supposed to shove Diesel at the commentary table instead of bracing his fall like he did and management was pissed that this made Diesel look like a heel.


Marty Jannetty vs. Jake Steele

Marty is over in the Agridome, folks. Steele is built similarly to Chris Dickinson but with roughly 1/30th of the talent. Steele taunts the crowd after shoving Marty to the mat but ends up walking into an arm drag. Marty stays to work on the arm as the announcers talk about Dean Douglas having the shortest Intercontinental Title reign. Steele lands a dropkick and attacks Marty in the corner but Marty fights back. Marty takes Steele down with a hook kick as Vince talks about Marty teaming with Shawn Michaels as part of The Rockers. The announcers talk about Shawn and how he’s in the Wild Card match at the Survivor Series as Marty uses a mat slam then heads up top for the flying fist drop and the win (3:18).

Thoughts: The fans were into Marty here but the focus on commentary was about other things, mainly involving his former tag team partner in Shawn Michaels. Steele was slow and out of position a few times and its a not a wonder why he didnt make it out of the Canadian Independent scene.


Clips of Alundra Blayze defeating Bertha Faye on RAW to win the Women’s Title. We now hear from Blayze as she says the title is back around the waist of a “real champion and a real woman” and will “carry on tradition of the finest women’s wrestling in the world. Right here in the New Generation of the World Wrestling Federation.” I guess she defends against Faye again since those two are the entire division at this point. The material here was funny, however.


We get a clip from three weeks ago when Lafitte stole Savio Vega’s flag. Vince then says he is missing his watch, implying Lafitte took it as we head to break.


Jean Pierre Lafitte vs. Tony Roy

Lawler tells us Vince found his watch during the break. Vince believes this should be an “outstanding” matchup as the announcers put over Lafitte’s athleticism. Lafitte beats down Roy to start as Lawler takes umbrage over his colleagues implying that Lafitte is a thief. Lafitte gets booed after taunting the crowd then Roy comes back with a crossbody for a two count. Lafitte drops Roy with a punch as Vince says we will hear from Diesel later on in the show. Lafitte slams Roy as Ross hypes the Bret Hart vs. Diesel World Title match scheduled at Survivor Series. Lafitte stays in control and hits a corner splash then ties Roy in the ropes and hits a crossbody block before the cannonball gets the win (3:44).

Thoughts: Long for a squash match. This would be the final match for Lafitte as he would get hurt and then ultimately leave the company. They did seem to be setting up for a match against Vega but the thief gimmick only has a limited shelf life.


Slam Jam with Dok Hendrix. Survivor Series is presented by Milton Bradley Karate Fighters just so you are aware. Dok hypes the six-man tag at the 11/10 Nassau Coliseum show that features Diesel & Bret Hart & Shawn Michaels vs. Mabel & Yokozuna & British Bulldog. We then see clips of Dok interviewing Bret and Diesel as they both are able to trust each for the match but all bets seem to be off at Survivor Series. We then hear from the heel side with Cornette, with Mo not around with Mabel, as they hype up the match. Bob Backlund is also the referee for that match. Plus, on the Nassau show, we will get Razor Ramon vs. Hunter Hearst Helmsley for the Intercontinental Title.


Yokozuna is sitting down backstage with Owen Hart, Jim Cornette, and Mr. Fuji around him then Cornette waves his racket to get the camera man away.


The Shawn Michaels interview from the 10/23 edition of “Monday Night RAW” that was conducted by Jim Ross is shown.


Duke “The Dumpster” Droese vs. Roy Raymond

The announcers talk about the Bret Hart vs. Diesel match at Survivor Series then the incident at In Your House as Ross says Bret was a broadcaster and needed to keep his composure and might have intentionally cost Diesel the match. Droese takes control early and even uses a crossbody for a two count. Droese then busts out a dropkick as Ross shills his Superstar Line interview with Diesel, who talks about Bret’s ego. Raymond lands a few shots and even gets a nearfall but misses a charge in the corner. Vince brings up Droese’s mean streak and how he was aggressive in a recent match against Jannetty as Droese smacks Raymond across the face then hits the Trash Compactor for the win (3:12).

Thoughts: There was a tiny bit of a hint that Droese was turning heel here but that never happened. It could have just been a way to explain his actions in the Jannetty match incase fans were confused by his behavior. This is another one-note gimmick that has run its course.


A hype video for next week’s Bret Hart vs. Psycho Sid match. This was voiced over by Dok rather than Todd Pettengill. We go back to the announcers as we learn that Bret’s friends from the Calgary Rough Riders of the Canadian Football League will accompany him to ringside to offset the Million Dollar Corporation.


Bob Backlund heads out to the ring with “Hail to the Chief” as his theme then we head to commercial.


We now get a hype video for Razor Ramon vs. 1-2-3 Kid………as they then play a game of Karate Fighters. Pettengill is voicing this over with his Howard Cosell impression. We then watch the two play and Kid wins.


Bob Backlund vs. Bob Clancy

Backlund comes out to “Hail to the Chief.” Its also his first TV match since he defeated Ken Raper on the 3/11 edition of “Superstars.” Clancy is a shorter competitor. Backlund does his wacky dance after taking down Clancy as Vince hypes up Undertaker taking on the winner of Bret Hart vs. Diesel at Survivor Series at the following Madison Square Garden show. Clancy takes down Backlund with an arm drag as Backlund goes mental with the crowd getting into this a bit. Backlund now offers a handshake that Clancy declines as the announcers give matches at other house shows then Backlund sneaks behind Clancy and puts him away with the crossface chicken wing (2:02). Lawler goes on about “wimpy” countries that will not back us after we gave them money as a few more referees run down to finally get Backlund off of Clancy.

Thoughts: Looks like they are planning on doing something else with Backlund since he’s been relegated to house shows after that dud of a feud against Man Mountain Rock.


We get an ad for Survivor Series featuring the Bill Clinton impersonator as he will be watching the PPV.


Yokozuna heads out to the ring with Owen Hart, Jim Cornette, and Mr. Fuji.


We see the clip of Owen winning the battle royal on RAW, which gives him a shot at Razor’s title this coming Monday night. Vince talks about Yokozuna softening up Razor for Owen.


Before the featured match begins, we see Barry Didinsky shilling replica belts that come with 8×10 photos of Diesel, if you get the World Title and three 8×10 photos of Shawn Michaels if you get the Intercontinental Title belt. This costs $20. The belts are quite small. I guess they ran out of Classic VHS tapes to give so now you get “exclusive” photos.


Razor Ramon is shown talking with the 1-2-3 Kid backstage.


Back from break, we see Razor Ramon come out to the ring by himself. After he gets to ringside, 1-2-3 Kid makes his entrance. They both run in the ring and attack Owen & Yokozuna as the bell rings then learn from Vince that this is a tag team match. Then why not just say that to begin with? I mean its for the best that Yokozuna not do a singles match at this point due to his rapidly deteriorating conditioning but like the false advertising the past week has not been a good look for the company.


Yokozuna & Owen Hart w/ Jim Cornette & Mr. Fuji vs. Razor Ramon w/ 1-2-3 Kid

Razor & Kid clear the ring as the crowd goes nuts. They love Razor even more than Marty Jannetty inside of the Agridome. Things settle down as Owen and Kid now trade holds in the ring. Kid takes Owen down with a monkey flip then an arm drag as these two are going at a fast pace. Owen comes back with a spinning heel kick then tags out. Yokozuna drops Kid with a headbutt then kicks Kid and slowly paces around between attacks. Kid fights back but is dropped with another headbutt as we go to commercial. The match returns with Owen hitting Razor with a leg drop for a two count. The crowd is a lot quieter now as Owen works over Razor in the corner. Yokozuna tags in and stares at Razor, who is on the mat, then punches him down and works a nerve hold with one hand. Razor gets up but runs into a clothesline. Yokozuna tags out after dragging Razor to his corner. Owen lands a few European uppercuts but misses a charge then gets hit with a back suplex as both men are down. Razor is able to cover for two but is then dropped with an enziguiri as Owen gets a two count. Owen works a surfboard as the announcers talk about Gorilla Monsoon upholding the referee’s decision after the replayed showed Dean Douglas’s foot to be underneath the ropes at the PPV Intercontinental Title match. The ref did not see Razor tag out and orders Kid back to the apron as Yokozuna comes in and tosses Razor to the floor where Owen attacks. Razor is tossed back inside and chopped hard by Yokozuna. Razor is able to avoid a running elbow in the corner as both men are down. Yokozuna tags out first but Razor shoves Owen away and tags out as Kid runs wild. Yokozuna breaks up a pin attempt then the match breaks down. Yokozuna is punched through the ropes and Razor heads out then Owen catches Kid with a belly-to-belly suplex for the win (11:52) **. Vince then says Owen could become the next Intercontinental champion.

Thoughts: The first few minutes that had the Owen and Kid stuff was fun but the rest was mostly dull, plodding action. Its getting to the point where you can’t even hide Yokozuna’s lack of cardio in a tag match anymore. I thought the finish here was lame but they seem to be building up the fact Kid is a sore loser. They are also painting this as Owen having an advantage heading into his Intercontinental Title match on RAW.


Slam Jam with Dok Hendrix. We hear from Bret Hart hyping his match at “The Meadowlands” against the British Bulldog. And after that we hear from Bulldog & Cornette as they run down Bret Hart.


Back to the hosts as they run down next week’s show that features Bret Hart vs. Psycho Sid in the featured match.


Final Thoughts: They are hyping up the Bret/Diesel match and Monday’s Intercontinental Title match. However, the rest of the roster isn’t doing much of anything plus the Tag Team division is practically non-existent at this point. And the following TV shows should provide more details regarding the Survivor Series as that PPV is less than a month away.