Blog of DOOM Daily Thread – 4th November 2021

Happy Thursday Everyone!

Not finished Dynamite yet but I certainly enjoyed the first half an hour

Hangman Page and Kenny Omega’s match continues to be built nicely, which reminds me;

Belt The Hangman!

Scheduled today on the Blog: Scott and Thomas have got the Dynamite reviews. Thomas has also reviewed some more WWE from 2007. There’s still time to check out the latest Dream Matches from Jabroniville, with KOTR 98 qualifiers featured. Logan has done some more WWF from 1990. There’s still time to read my review of ROH Bitter Friends, Stiffer Enemies too

News from Cultaholic

Rob Van Dam thought the 9/11 Smackdown was a bad idea

Outside of some of the more jingoistic elements, I personally don’t think the show was that bad. It was just a wrestling show to give some people something else to think about at a rough time. WWE slapping themselves on the back about it all these years later leaves a bit of a sour taste of course, but the show itself is basically fine if you ignore some of the comments made at certain points

Kool Kyle’s Kontract is up in December

He’s someone who should probably go to New Japan/Impact/MLW/AEW to be honest. He doesn’t really fit in WWE anymore now that NXT has been Vinceified

An Epic WRAP Battle!

Have a gooden everyone!