Vince McMahon can’t lose what he never had

The common refrain is that “Vince McMahon has lost it,” whether “it” is his finger on the pulse of the fanbase or his sanity.

However, did Vince ever have “it” to begin with?

Duh, he's the most successful promoter of all time, yes, but every WWF/WWE era has been filled with a LOT of crap. It's just the big star at the top made up for it.

Now that he doesn't have a big star at the top or anybody to stand up to him, all of his typical tropes – which he's always done – are all the shows have left.

There’s certainly an argument to be made.  Typically Vince’s strong point was always editing the creativity of others into his own vision and now he’s surrounded by yes men with no vision for him to edit.