The absence of funny in WWE

For me, Comedy has always had a place in professional wrestling. Wether its a character, a feud, a match.  If done and written well, I remember it, i find it sucsessful, and can be memorable. 

AEW definitly hits comedic and  enjoyment notes more than it misses by a wide margin i find.  The weekly party match, the entrances, Orange Cassidy etc etc.  Wether its creative or personally driven by the performer themselves, I rarely see many miscues.

Can you please inform me who has been the head of humor for WWE, and i honestly don't know how far i should be going back. Is it just Vince?  Pritchard?  I barely remember anything funny recently.  But what I do remember, is something that was very obviuously written to be funny, and is the farthest from it.  The Simpsons have a better pulse on laughter today than them, and an episode takes 4-6 months still. 

Unfortunately their sense of humor got released by Nick Khan during the pandemic.