Blog of DOOM Daily Thread – 2nd November 2021

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

I stupidly decided to go and watch Everton get sperlunked by Wolves last night so I‘m operating on about 5 hours sleep and am cramming this in before work

Cheer me up AEW by Belting The Hangman on the 13th of November at Full Gear!

Scheduled today on the Blog: Thomas has got Raw covered. Andy has got the AEW Elevation review. Scott has got some classic MSG for us later. Thomas has also uploaded some more WWE from 2007

A couple of quick news bits from Cultaholic

Ron Simmons praises Bill Watts for booking him to win the WCW Title

I know his reign didn’t really work, but I love the match where he wins the belt. That crowd goes NUTS

Vince McMahon loves Abyss

I can see that. Big scary dudes are very much his jam

New Todd in the Shadows is up

Have a gooden everyone!