WWF In Your House 4

October 22, 1995

From the Winnipeg Arena in Winnipeg, Manitoba

Your hosts are Vince McMahon, Jim Ross, and Jerry “The King” Lawler


I’ll quickly recap the “Sunday Night Slam” countdown show which in fact takes place at Todd Pettengill’s house. He adds up the costs of his snacks and how much more they are than the cost of this PPV. He hypes up this being an awesome “almost two hours of action” then recaps the shows with video packages mixed in and still suggest that Shawn will be defending the Intercontinental Title. This also included

We also had Jim Ross interviewing WWF “Fan Friendly” President Gorilla Monsoon. Ross mentions that Shawn was attacked by “nine thugs” outside of a nightclub in Syracuse, NY. I guess one of the ten wasn’t involved after all. Anyway, Ross asks about whether or not Shawn should compete tonight. Gorilla said after looking at the doctor reports, its highly unlikely that Shawn will stepping into the ring. Ross asks for clarification and if there is not going to be an Intercontinental Title match after all. Gorilla says there definitely will be an Intercontinental Title match and when asked who will be in the match if not Shawn, Gorilla says he will get back to him when he has a definitive answer. They definitely changed their tune about Shawn competing and did so 15 minutes before the show aired. Just a really terrible way to handle this situation. They should have been more honest with their fans all week on TV. If he couldn’t go then say he was forfeiting the title. Wade Keller noted in the “Pro Wrestling Torch” Newsletter that doctors strongly advised against Shawn wrestling the week prior so they knew he wasn’t going to be ready.


The show proper kicks off with Joanie Wilson singing “Oh Canada.”


We now cut to Gorilla Monsoon. He tells us due to the status of Shawn Michaels’ concussion, he is not going to allow Shawn to compete tonight. Gorilla said he asked Shawn to forfeit the title to him and then give it to Dean Douglas. However, Douglas will have to defend the title against Razor Ramon. Gorilla talks about this being one of the most difficult decisions of his life.


Fatu vs. Hunter Hearst Helmsley 

One kid keeps flipping off Helmsley during his entrance. Lawler complains about the cold weather in Canada and cannot understand why the show is not in a warmer environment. However, Vince reminds in this is the World Wrestling Federation. The ref tries to prevent Fatu from going after Helmsley before the bell but fails. Fatu hammers away as Helmsley is still wearing his jacket. Fatu lands mounted punches in the corner before tossing Helmsley over the top rope. Helmsley finally removes his jacket but still wearing his shirt as Fatu heads out and beats him down as this crowd is just as cold as the weather outside. Back inside, Helmsley begs for mercy but catches Fatu with a back elbow smash. Fatu dances after Helmsley tries a turnbuckle smash but misses a charge and gets his neck caught in the ropes. Helmsley fires away as the ref tries to get Fatu’s neck untied from the ropes. Fatu escapes then Helmsley piledrives him before removing his shirt. Helmsley bows and gets some cheers from the front row hard cam side and that was more reaction than Fatu has gotten here. Helmsley beats down Fatu in the corner but Fatu fights back. Helmsley thumbs Fatu in the eye then hits a corkscrew neckbreaker for a two count. Helmsley punches on the mat and man are the punches by both men tonight just awful. A whole lot of air showing. Helmsley works a chin lock on the mat that is also applied quite loosely to say the least. The announcers talk about Shawn Michaels as Vince says he was “forced medically” to relinquish the Intercontinental Title. Helmsley whips Fatu into the corner then turns him inside out with a clothesline for a two count. Fatu sneaks behind with a rollup for a two count but Helmsley goes back on the attack. Helmsley sets up for the Pedigree but Fatu counters with a back drop. Helmsley DDT’s Fatu but Fatu pops up and dances then runs wild as the crowd is finally behind Fatu. Fatu hits a flying headbutt from the middle rope for a two count. Fatu then hits a running cutter and signals to the crowd that he’s going up top. Fatu tries for the splash but misses then Helmsley hits the Pedigree for the win (8:02) *1/2.

Thoughts: I did not think the work was too good here plus the result was a foregone conclusion. Lots of struggling to get on the same page at the start and the punches from both men looked awful. At least the crowd reacted at the end but they were quiet for a good part of this as Fatu’s gimmick is corny and not over and Helmsley, despite being billed as undefeated, is just a one note character without any sort of big victories under his belt.


After the match, Lawler shakes Helmsley’s hand then asks him what its like to be in the ring with someone that smells like a “dead skunk.” Helmsley goes along with this lame bit until we see Henry Godwinn sneak down then run Helmsley off with the slop bucket. So, we now are getting a Helmsley/Godwinn feud that started over a stolen slop bucket.


Backstage, Dok Hendrix is with British Bulldog & Jim Cornette. We see clips of Bulldog getting the advantage over Diesel as Cornette vows that when the night ends, Bulldog will deservedly become the World Heavyweight Champion. Bulldog once again says he will beat Diesel in this “fifty degree below zero hell hole.” Basic heel promos here to hype up the title match.


WWF Tag Team Title Match: Smoking Gunns (c) vs. Razor Ramon & 1-2-3 Kid

Before the match, we hear from Razor & Kid as Razor assures us their problems are behind them and they’re ready to become champions. However, Kid’s facial expressions seem to suggest otherwise. Ross wants to know if Kid’s neck is healed then soon afterwards shills his Superstar Line. Kid starts off with Billy, sporting a new haircut similar to Dean Douglas, and backs him off with his martial arts stance. Kid takes Billy down with an arm drag to start. Billy shoves Kid down then Kid kips up and grabs a side headlock. Vince says that tag team coordination is the key to victory in this match. Kid and Billy end up in a stalemate then Bart tags into the match. Razor also tags to the delight of the crowd and they trade arm wringers. Ross talks about the rodeo scholarships the Gunns received as Bart continues to work the arm. Razor escapes from an arm wringer and fires away then behind Razor’s back, Kid low bridges Bart as the crowd appears shocked. Bart is livid then Kid rolls Bart into the ring as the ref is distracted. Razor whips Bart into the corner as Vince says we can call the Superstar Line and talk to Helmsley and Fatu. Razor hammers away in the corner before tagging out. Kid drills Bart with several kicks then hits a running leg drop. The challengers neutralize Bart and utilize quick tags to stay in control. Kid cheap shots Bart after a break as Ross notes his aggressiveness and suggests he might be “tight.” Razor ducks his head for a back drop but Bart pushes him down. We see Dean Douglas in his classroom taking notes on this match then both men tag out but the crowd does not care at all. Billy fires away on Kid then runs wild on everyone. Elbow drop gets two. Bart is back in now and hits Kid with a few backbreakers then covers for two as Razor makes the save. The Gunns are in control until Billy misses a corner splash. The ref admonishes Razor then Bart drapes Billy’s arm over Kid behind his back. The ref then goes after Bart and Razor puts Kid on top then the ref turns around and covers for two as the fans really wanted a title change. Both men tag out then Razor runs wild and hits Billy with the Razor’s Edge. Kid wants to tag in and Razor looks at him then slowly gets up and tags his partner. Kid is in now and covers but that only gets two as Bart reverses with a crucifix and gets the win (12:47) **1/2. Kid starts kicking the ropes after the match as the Gunns celebrate. Razor tries to console Kid but gets shoved away. Kid continues to throw a tantrum as Razor leaves then attacks The Gunns from behind. Razor finally returns as both teams now square off with the ref in between them. Vince talks about Kid blowing his chance at becoming a Tag Team Champion.

Thoughts: Solid match but based off of Kid’s reactions during the interview you could see where they were going here. Not to mention, Razor is getting an Intercontinental Title match later on in the show. The crowd wasn’t that into it but did like Razor. And the poor Gunns were just not over much at all. Easily the best match on this show.


Dok is backstage shilling the Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels standees. And yes, the Classic VHS tape is included.


Marty Jannetty vs. Goldust

This is Goldust’s debut or as it has been billed, his “premiere.” The arena goes dark with the Hollywood Walk of Fame like stars in the aisle and flashes meant to look like paparazzi photo ops. We then see Goldust in a gold suit with gold face paint with black around his eyes. The crowd also has no idea what to make of this as Goldust then removes his wig. Marty avoids a charge then hammers away. Marty uses a back drop then sends Goldust over the top rope with a clothesline. Goldust heads halfway up the aisle then Marty runs out and hits another clothesline. Marty rolls Goldust back inside as Ross puts over Marty as a former Intercontinental and Tag Team Champion but that his own demons have effected his career. Goldust is back outside as Marty taunts him with a chicken dance. Goldust uses a reverse rollup for two then hits Marty with an uppercut. Goldust drops down to his knees for another uppercut but Marty comes back with a hurricarana. We get a shoving match then Marty fires away. Marty drops Goldust with an uppercut of his own but ends up getting turned inside out with a clothesline. Goldust runs Marty’s face across the top rope then applies a chin lock on the mat. The crowd gets restless as this match is not clicking whatsoever. Goldust cuts off a comeback attempt then covers after a back drop but Marty’s foot was on the ropes. Goldust tosses Marty outside then taunts the crowd before heading out where he hits an elbow drop from the stairs. Goldust stomps away then rolls back into the ring to break the count. Vince notes how Marty was Shawn Michaels’ former tag partner then Marty takes Goldust over the top rope and whips him into the stairs. Goldust then shoves Marty into the post as Marty took a wacky corkscrew bump. Vince keeps saying how Goldust is “methodically” attacking Marty and suplexes him back into the ring for a two count. Seems like Vince using code for this being an awful match. Goldust goes back to the chin lock as Vince talks about a 101 year old woman in the crowd that they hope to interview later on in the show. Marty messes up a back drop counter and both men fall as this is now a certified shitshow. Goldust boots Marty in the gut and hits a DDT for two but Goldust ducks his head and Marty uses the Rocker Dropper. Marty heads up top but lands on his feet as Goldust rolled away so Marty drops an elbow as Goldust is hunched over and gets two. Goldust bump and feeds for Marty like its a wrestling school drill (but with even less sense of urgency) then Marty comes off the top but Goldust hits him with a big boot then Goldust uses a front suplex for the win (11:16) DUD.

Thoughts: I thought this was terrible and completely fell apart by the end. The crowd was dead and seemed not to know how to take the Goldust gimmick. Goldust himself has admitted in interviews that he really didn’t know how to work heel at the start of this gimmick and that was certainly the case for this show as he was visibly awkward and at a loss. Marty’s return is that of a solid hand type midcarder. He tried as much as he could but this was the absolute shits due to Goldust.


We go spilt screen with Smoking Gunns and 1-2-3 Kid on the Superstar Line. Kid is quite angry and Razor is not with him.


We go backstage to Jim Cornette with Yokozuna & Mr. Fuji. He talks about Bulldog winning the title and that he is always looking out for Yokozuna’s best interests.


King Mabel w/ Sir Mo vs. Yokozuna w/ Jim Cornette & Mr. Fuji

Ross notes that Yokozuna is 641 lbs and that Mabel checks in at 568 lbs. Yokozuna leans over the ropes to get instructions from Cornette & Fuji. Both men slap each other then fire away. Yokozuna knocks Mabel through the middle rope with a clothesline and catches his breath until Mabel gets back inside. Yokozuna goes over to his men again for more instructions because he’s already gassed then they lock up with Mabel raking the eyes and hammering away. Mabel hits a flying clothesline then knocks Yokozuna through the ropes. Cornette & Fuji head over to talk more to Yokozuna until he can finally make it back inside. Mabel beats on Yokozuna in the corner then struts around for a bit. Yokozuna then catches Mabel with a clothesline but misses a leg drop. Mabel then misses an elbow drop and fires away in the corner and the theme of the night continues with terrible looking punches. Mabel tries a bulldog but Yokozuna didnt go down and then decides to go outside anyway as the announcers are at a complete loss. Mabel comes out and goes after Yokozuna but is knocked into the post. Mo then shoves down Fuji and Cornette down and I guess Yokozuna was supposed to act like he tripped over Cornette but instead just falls on him and this results in both men getting counted out (5:13) -**. Vince refers to this match as “less than stellar” then we see both guys staring each other down in the ring. Their men come over to talk and this ends with them hugging.

Thoughts: Just a brutal match and Yokozuna was in no condition to perform here. He couldn’t do anything but stand for the most part. Plus, as you know, when Vince openly shits on the match as he did a few times here, then you know its awful. The finish just made these guys look like goofs too. But, at the end, they were able to hug it out and remain friends so I guess we can all forget this match ever happened.


We get an ad for the Survivor Series with how Undertaker is seeking revenge against Mabel and how Bret Hart is getting another shot at the World Title.


Gorilla Monsoon is in the ring with Dok Hendrix. Dean Douglas is called out and he is all smiles since he will be receiving the Intercontinental Title. Shawn Michaels is then called out and gets a decent reaction. He looks dejected and the right side of his face is swollen. Shawn looks around at the crowd, who does not want him to give up the title, then finally goes over to hand the belt to Gorilla but its snatched up by Douglas as the crowd boos. Douglas celebrates and says how it was easy in how he got the title then proceeds to put it around his waist as Shawn sadly looks on before leaving. Melodramatic stuff to say the least but thought it was effectively done. In his “Something to Wrestle With” Podcast, Bruce Prichard said that they wanted to show the part of the WWF audience unsure if the attack on Shawn was true that Shawn was in fact legitimately injured by having him show his injured face. And that sweet Pelle Pelle jacket.


WWF Intercontinental Title Match: Dean Douglas (c) vs. Razor Ramon 

Razor works the arm to start. And he works the arm for quite a while as the announcers find topics to discuss to fill the time. Razor goes back to the arm after avoiding a charge as this crowd is dead. Razor slaps Douglas on the back of the head while maintaining an arm bar for some reaction. Douglas backs Razor into the corner then stomps a mudhole into him but soon afterwards is caught with a fallaway slam. Razor clotheslines Douglas over the top rope as Vince tells us that Shawn is watching this match closely because that’s what top competitors do as Lawler makes a joke about Shawn getting attacked. Razor snaps Douglas’s neck across the top rope then punches him off of the apron. Razor now whips Douglas into the corner then kicks him to the outside as the announcers tell us he is softening up the back for the Razor’s Edge, which makes you wonder why we had five minutes of armbars to start the match. Razor tosses Douglas back into the ring to go back to work on the arm. Razor tries for the Razor’s Edge but too close to the ropes and Douglas back drops him to the floor. Douglas heads out and hammers away before ramming Razor’s back into the ring apron. Ross notes that Razor has missed time with rib injuries this year as Douglas comes off the top but Razor catches him and hits a chokeslam as both men are down. Razor fires away and knocks down Douglas before setting up for the super back suplex. Douglas knocks him off and goes for a crossbody but Razor rolls through for a two count. Douglas sends Razor down with a dropkick and that gets two as Razor’s foot was on the ropes. Douglas fires away but Razor reverses an Irish whip into the corner and hits a back suplex then drapes his arm across Douglas and gets the win (11:01) 3/4*. The crowd seems shocked but happy when Razor is officially announced as the winner and new Intercontinental Champion. Douglas thought he won……by saying his leg was outside of the ring and we get a replay of this and it just looks awful and clear that Douglas’s leg was on the outside but anyway, we get the fireworks celebration.

Thoughts: Razor spent the first half of this match treating Douglas like a scrub using lots of basic, uninspired arm work. It did not improve from there and the finish was just the shits. The idea itself was convoluted and the execution even worse.  Why even book this finish to protect Douglas if you were going to treat him like they did for the body of the match. According to Wade Keller in the “Pro Wrestling Torch,” Douglas was coughing up blood and had to go out of the camera view at times so that also made the match worse. And then there is the bad blood because on the European tour a couple of weeks prior, Douglas told Razor to “go home” early in one of their matches because he was tired  and then no-showed the final match which made Razor irate. And the rumors of Shawn going to the office and demanding Razor win the title from Douglas, Shawn claims this was false and the office made Razor the champion and had already “given up” on Douglas. And there was not a plan as far as I have read that Douglas was definitely going to win the title off of Shawn.  Take the Kliq out of the picture and Douglas’s work was dogshit here. The match on “Superstars” against Hakushi was terrible that aired this past week. And at this point Douglas said he was miserable and wanted to leave (plus he was legitimately banged up) so I don’t think he was giving full effort.


We see Shawn on the Superstar Line backstage as he remains sad but occasionally perks up as I guess speaking with his fans make him happy.


Bret Hart makes his way to the announcers table, sporting a Calgary Hitmen jersey, then chases Lawler away and lands some punches before Lawler heads up the aisle. Lawler tries a sneak attack but Vince warned Bret then this continues until Lawler is run off one final time.


We go backstage to Dok as he shills the “Two Dudes With Attitudes” t-shirt. He then asks Diesel about his mindset and Diesel stares him down and replies with “Dok, you’re awfully funky” then we see Diesel make his way through the curtain from backstage.


WWF World Title Match: British Bulldog w/ Jim Cornette vs. Diesel (c)

Bret talks about both guys being strong. We see a fan dressed as Diesel in the crowd. They lockup to start and Diesel tosses him into the ropes. They repeat this again then Bulldog boots Diesel in the gut and grabs a side headlock. Bulldog runs into an elbow smash then gets caught in a slam as we go split screen with Bret giving analysis. Bulldog rolls out and talks with Cornette then is able to trip up Diesel. Bulldog tries to crotch Diesel against the ring post but Diesel is able to use his feet to send Bulldog into the post. Back inside, Diesel hammers away then hits a few corner clotheslines. We get a reversal sequence that ends with Bulldog taking Diesel outside with a dropkick. Diesel backs up towards the announcers table and Bret puts him arm out to stop Diesel from hitting the table. However, this pisses Diesel off and he pie-faces Bret but that allows Bulldog to sneak out and take Diesel down with a chop block. Bulldog takes Diesel back inside and works the leg. Vince asks Bret about his title match against the Survivor Series and who would he rather face. Bret says its a coin toss and how he would love to fight Bulldog after losing to him at “The SummerSlam” but doesnt know about wanting to go through more family drama. Bulldog tries to turn Diesel over for a sharpshooter and fails so he then kicks him outside where Cornette lands some cheap shots. Bulldog finally heads out after distracting the ref and brings Diesel back into the ring and goes back to work on the leg. Bulldog applies some sorry excuse of a half crab as Vince asks Bret about his friction with Bulldog. Bret says he has more respect for Bulldog than Owen. Bulldog now has a Boston crab on Diesel and we hear the chants for the champ. Diesel eventually powers out but Bulldog goes on the attack. Bulldog goes back to the leg and Diesel fights him off so he then hits a leg drop for two. Bulldog goes back to working the leg and a submission specialist he is not. Bret does not sound enthused over the prospects of facing Bulldog at Survivor Series and have his family at war again as Bulldog stays on the leg. Diesel shoves Bulldog outside but misses an attack and Bulldog goes back to the leg. Vince notes that Diesel is a “monster” when angry as Bulldog tries a suplex but it gets reversed as both men are down. Bulldog is up first and hammers away before covering for a two count. Bulldog now sets up for the Sharpshooter after looking at Bret then is able to turn Diesel over. Bret notes that Bulldog should learn to put on the hold correctly as Diesel is able to escape. Bulldog tries a slam but Diesel falls on top for two. He then has Diesel up for the running powerslam but Diesel slips out and hits a big boot. Cornette is now up on the apron and Diesel slingshots him into the ring. Bulldog tries to go after Diesel but inadvertently hits his manager. Cornette rolls outside then Diesel knocks Bulldog through the ropes. Diesel heads out but Bulldog goes after his leg then sends him into the post. Bulldog then slaps Bret across the face and runs into the ring so Bret leaves the booth and heads after Bulldog and beats him down as the ref calls for the DQ (18:14) *. Diesel rolls into the ring and pulls Bret away and gets pissed then goes after Bret when Bulldog is announced as the winner. Bret and Diesel trade punches as several officials run into the ring to separate the two men but fail then the Gunns, Henry Godwinn, and Bam Bam Bigelow run out to separate them as the show ends.

Thoughts: A dreadful main event here with a crappy finish. The limb work was duller than dishwater and Diesel’s run was clearly past its expiration point. Its not entirely his fault since they had a lack of heels and terrible ring opponents in general but constant bad matches on the PPV’s was enough to make a switch. Listening to the commentary with Bret talking about not wanting another feud with his family its clear that he will beat Diesel and then feud with Bulldog, who was protected in defeat. But Diesel was cheered the least out of the three men focused on in this segment.


Final Thoughts: Simply put, this show was horrendous. And Vince, who all night on commentary was less than enthused and downright irritable at point, slammed his headset after the show ended and yelled “horrible” before walking backstage. The talent is not here and the creative has been pitiful leading up to this show. And change is certainly needed. Overall, a show you should avoid and strong contender for worse In Your House PPV of all-time.