Blog of DOOM Daily Thread – 1st November 2021

Happy Monday Everyone!

Went with the box art of my personal favourite NFL game today, even though I’m not enjoying this season much seeing as the Dolphins lost yet again yesterday. When the Twitter page is celebrating a first down like it’s a touchdown you know your team is having an absolute nothing of a season

You know what would cheer me up though?

AEW Belting The Hangman!

Scheduled today on the Blog: There’s still time to go back and read some of Scott’s classic Halloween Havoc reviews from yesterday. Jabroniville has got another Joshi Spotlight for us. Logan has some more WWF from 1990

Now some news from Cultaholic

Xavier Woods was very upset to miss KOTR in 2019

I think everyone but the most ardent Baron Corbin fans would have preferred King Woods back then

Josh Alexander’s big year continues as he will now be on the New Japan show

Hopefully he can keep the momentum going in 2022

There’s a new OSW Review!

Abroad in Japan goes to an abandoned theme park

Have a gooden everyone!