Blog of DOOM Daily Thread – 31st October 2021

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Horror movies and all that jazz aren’t really my personal jam, but if you like this Halloween stuff then I hope you have a good time

Belt The Hangman!

Scheduled today on the Blog: Scott is doing a series of Halloween Havoc reviews. Thomas has posted some more WWE from 2007. Maffew has done another UWF Fury Hour review. Dave Newman has written about the Jushin Liger anime

Now some news from Cultaholic

No clear date for Lance Archer’s return

They don’t need to rush him back, that was a gnarly landing

Jimmy Yang working for WWE in a backstage role

I enjoyed his redneck gimmick and felt they could have done more with it. I also enjoyed his matches with Paul London on Velocity back in his Akio days

The Trial of Vince McMahon

Jimpressions on the new Guardians of the Galaxy game

Have a gooden everyone!