Saturday Night Happening – 30th October 2021

It’s Saturday night on the Blog of Doom, wrestling fans, and the electricity is in the air; you can literally cut it with a knife!

On this day in history, 30th October 1990, tag-team specialists The Rockers defeated The Hart Foundation for the coveted WWF Tag-Team Titles.  However, the result was quickly overturned by President Jack Tunney, the title change never went into the record books and the match never made it to the airwaves, as the top rope allegedly broke during the encounter.  The appointment of a second referee may have helped to resolve the whole issue, as unquestionably the official assigned the contest found the malfunctioning rope, together with the pandemonium breaking loose between all four combatants, far too much for him to handle.  Who knows, a second referee may have helped to maintain some semblance of order in there, and the result might have stood after all.  Fans of The Rockers have longed called the whole thing a miscarriage of justice, and one could see a strong argument for that.

Here’s some brief footage of the closing stages of what was a two-out-of-three falls match, although the rope breaking is conspicuous by its absence, as that was alleged to have taken place during the first fall.

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