Blog of DOOM Daily Thread – 29th October 2021

Happy Friday Everyone!

Watched the original version of Psycho yesterday. Darn good movie. Even if Hitchcock’s name wasn’t plastered all over it in the opening credits it wouldn’t take long to deduce that it was one of his films after watching it for a few minutes

Belt The Hangman!

Scheduled today on the Blog: J.W. has another flashback to a classic wrestling mag for us. Jabroniville has another Joshi Spotlight. Logan has a classic episode of WWF SNME waiting in the wings. I’m sure Scott will have something special for us all too

Now some news from Cultaholic

Cain apologises for quality of match with Brock

Probably more the fault of the guys who decided to book it that way to be honest

UK Title match on WWE’s UK tour

I won’t be going, mainly because I don’t think WWE is worth risking the plague for. If AEW announces some UK dates though then I am THERE!

FTR to be managed by someone other than Tully Blanchard in AAA

I’m guessing that’s because Vickie speaks Spanish?

Where do the ROH guys go now?

More No DQ CAW, as Michael Myers takes on Sagat

Have a gooden everyone!