Simply FUN

Hi Scott,

This is by no means some revelatory insight or another WWE-bashing, but after watching Dynamite I was really struck by just how much fun it all was:

– Matches with heat
– Good to great promos
– A variety of styles
– Segments that have some urgency and story progression
– A general good time vibe that permeated a 2 hour show that flew by

Obviously, you can't do some of this show's wackiness each week, but as an honest question when can you recall a Raw or Smackdown just feeling “fun” like tonight's Dynamite? Either as a regular episode or one of their themed episodes?

If this is a real war and if AEW continues to gain ground, it will be precisely because of episodes like this.


I’d say the Old School Raw episode they did some years ago is the closest.  Or last year’s Halloween Havoc NXT.