Blog of DOOM Daily Thread – 28th October 2021

Happy Thursday Everyone!

Very much enjoyed Dynamite, as it had some good wrestling mixed in with some very enjoyable storyline advancement and characters I care about. That’s all I want from my weekly wrestling. That pay per view on the 13th of November has got me pretty excited too, as there’s a bunch of interesting matches where I can’t actually call the finish

Speaking of Full Gear;

Belt The Hangman!

Scheduled today on the Blog: Thomas and Scott have both got reviews of Dynamite posted. I forgot to plug Andy’s AEW Dark review yesterday, so please dip into the archives and give it a read. Thomas has also posted some more WWE from 2007

Now some news from Cultaholic

Matt Riddle has a go at some NXT guys

I haven’t seen the match in question so I can’t comment as to the validity of his statement

Bray Wyatt is a free agent in 2 days time

The Fiend becoming available on Halloween of all periods is one of those cosmic occurrences that just seem to take place now and then

Tony Nese has his dream list of opponents in AEW

He’s kind of a weird pick up for AEW in some ways. Good worker with a great physique, but they’ve got a loaded roster as it is and I’m not sure what he’s really adding. Impact would have made more sense for him I think

Of course the big news is that ROH looks like it’s done

We’ve already got a thread dedicated to it but I thought it would be remiss not to mention it here. 2003 Mike would be very unhappy to hear this news. 2021 Mike hasn’t watched the product in a while, but I’m still sad to see such an important company from my early “smark” years fall by the wayside like this

A new Botchamania! Go watch!

More on ROH

Have a gooden everyone!