Ring of Honor may be no more

The official RoH statement is that theyre taking the first quarter of 2022 off to “pivot” to something new. But now Dave is saying every RoH talent is out of their contracts, which makes me think RoH is finished.

So – which RoH talents do you think should go to WWE and/or AEW? And what will you remember most about RoH? 

Crazy!  How many people are gonna show up on AEW tonight, I wonder?  I'd grab Dalton Castle ASAP if I'm either side, and maybe Dem Boys for a short term program with someone.  There's also lots of people in the Jay Lethal tier that have friends in AEW, so I bet someone like himself or Flip Gordon will be showing up too.  It really sucks for everyone else in the promotion, though, since ROH was always the place for those who were too small or different from what WWE wanted, and they sure don't want indie guys right now.