So it's funny two weeks ago when all the AEW diehards were talking up Tony for his non stop bashing of things WWE and bragging he couldn't wait to beat smackdown in ratings. Now fast forward two weeks later after rampage had 200k less people watch against smackdown on a different channel and a live Dynamite lost to a replay of smackdown, I see alot of people complaining about WWE being the big bad bully. And yes AEW lost, unless you are in advertising, work for TNT, or have any ownership in AEW demos mean nothing. Even Uncle Dave was reporting viewers over demos until conveniently after 40 years someone just so happen to “correct him” right as AEW was starting. Why is every move WWE makes being called as petty and reactionary to AEW? Like does AEW own labor day weekend because they held two years of a PPV during that time frame? Can WWE not run Sat PPVs because AEW did it a couple times? I even saw someone say the way Rollins one the contract last night was ripping off the Hangman victory. Where does it end?

AEW and it's fans wanted a fight, or they wouldn't be constantly talking about WWE all the time. And now they are crying in the corner after getting beat up saying WWE isn't playing fair. The funniest thing about it all is I don't think any of the moves WWE are making has anything to do AEW. Will WWE get enjoyment out of a decision if it does hurts AEW, for sure. But to think a global juggernaut like WWE is purposely making their decisions solely to counter-program AEW is hysterical and most of the reason AEW has lost half their audiences for both theirs shows, cause their ego is blinding them. Talk about rent free.

It's been reported and confirmed by Nick Khan himself that he is behind alot of the new strategies WWE is trying. They are doing a new years day PPV for the first time because it's opportunity for a wide open sports day. Same thing with moving PPVs to sat. I am sure they identified Labor Day weekend was a good opportunity for a UK ppv, not because they are trying counter program to AEW, thats just ridiculous. At what point does AEW stop worrying about WWE is doing and start focusing on the MANY issues they have, like blowing all the buzz they got with recent signings?

Yeah, I'm sure that's 100% why.  Because Vince has zero history of ever doing anything exactly like this multiple times in his career.