CM Punk

Now before I ask my question, I want everyone to know I'm a HUGE AEW fan, that's all I mostly watch now especially since Adam Cole and Punk are 2 of my favs but is it safe to say that Tony Khan has dropped the ball with Punk? Granted he's still getting great pops from the live crowds, still over ect. But here you had probably the biggest return in wrestling since maybe the NWO to WWE in 02? There was a huge buzz and his debut brought big ratings but they haven't done anything to sustain it. Instead we've getting Old Man “I'm happy to be here” Punk wrestling all of there lower carders every week on Rampage. I say this as one of Punks biggest fans, he single handedly made me a ROH fan and brought me back to wrestling during the Summer Of Punk in WWE and made me a avid watcher of AEW with his return. I'm still waiting for the guy who magnetized me to the television to show up, the guy who sing Happy Birthday to Rey's daughter and called Jeff Hardy a drunk. Tony shouldve had a good plan to run with, with his debut other then “let's throw him in with Darby then aimlessly have him wrestle one offs every week for a while” were not even that far from Full Gear and whose gonna be his opponent? A Bobby Fish rematch? Now I have to watch Punk struggle on Rampage in 15 min match against a guy who got squashed by Tyler Rust in 5 mins 3 months ago. 

Maybe that's what he wants to do.  I'm enjoying it, Punk's enjoying it and literally goes on TV talking about how happy he is right now, what's the problem?