Blog of DOOM Daily Thread – 26th October 2021

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Thankfully the Blog of DOOM sized hole in our lives has been filled once more

Shout out to Rock Star Gary, who I believe has been under the weather recently

Belt The Hangman!

Scheduled today on the Blog: Thomas will have the Raw report no doubt. Andy will have some AEW for us. I’m sure Scott will have something for us as well. There’s still time to read Dave Newman’s trip down wrestling memory lane when he looks at the New World Order in New Japan. The recent Joshi Spotlight and What The World Was Watching are ready and awaiting your attention as well

OSW Review has been having some bother from YouTube recently, which meant their Fall Brawl 98 video got taken down. Show them some love by giving this video about Alien a goosey gander

The Best of The Dumpster Wizard

Have a gooden everyone!