AEW DARK: October 26, 2021

The PG Era Rant for AEW Dark, Episode 114 (“Draco Americanus Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus”), October 26, 2021.

From the All Elite Zone.

Your hosts are Excalibur and Taz.

TONIGHT! Fuego Del Sol has a new tag team partner – who could it be? Eddie Kingston steps it up against a freshly-shorn Jack Evans! And Bryan Danielson graces our YouTubes as he puts Aaron Solo through his paces!

PLUS – Tiger Ruas (aka Adrian Jaoude), Riho, Bobby Fish, Diamante, Dante Martin, and Preston Vance!

Let Us Take You Back to Dynamite last Saturday, as Bobby Fish beats up Anthony Greene until CM Punk makes a save. And with that…

Opening match: Bobby Fish (2-2) vs. Invictus Khash (0-2). Not a fan of Fish’s entrance music. Tomorrow night, Punk and Fish will square off.

Fish with a quick knee to the gut, but Khash comes back with an uppercut. Fish strikes back, finishing with a round kick, then he adds a running knee in the corner. Some corner boxing follows, then when Khash checks his left leg, Fish jumps in with a dragon screw. Sliding clothesline gets two. Khash catches another kick and spins the leg behind his back to get an open forearm, but Fish comes back with an elevated knee. More knee strikes set up an Exploder into the ropes. Buzzsaw kick ends it at 1:50.

Post-match, Tony Schiavone interviews Fish about his match with CM Punk. Fish says Punk is the best in the world… allegedly. But he’ll find out on Dynamite how good Punk is. Maybe this time tomorrow, it’s clobbering time for Fish.

Riho (5-2) vs. Xtina Kay (0-1). Well, Kay was able to get onto Elevation and Riho’s a good underdog so let’s see how competitive this match is. Riho approaches the stage, thinks better of it, and goes down the stairs in a silly bit. Crowd happily boos the jobber.

Riho takes the arm and twists, with Kay reversing via a kip-up like everyone in AEW does. Riho does the same back, so Kay uses the rope to front flip and reverse. Riho throws Kay into the ropes only to get run over for two, but Riho bridges out and lands a dropkick. Riho ties up the legs STF style and drives her shin into Kay’s knees. Kay stops Riho and gets a hairpull legsweep before sending her into the corner. She backflips out to get a running shoulder ram, then slams Riho for one. Another slam gets two this time, and we HIT THE CHINLOCK. Riho fights out, but Kay throws her down by the hair and kicks her in the corner.

This time, Riho intercepts the backflip and forearms away on Kay to rock her. Riho handsprings away from a lariat and gets a dropkick before going up. Kay catches the crossbody, though, but Riho slips out of a powerslam and gets a running knee in the corner. Back up, and the crossbody gets two. Northern Lights suplex try, but Kay blocks, so Riho switches to a snap suplex. Double-stomp misses, and Kay with the SPINEBUSTER only for the moonsault to hit the knees (in theory). Meteora wins at 4:33. Well, they tried with Kay, but she seemed off in this match. Her tag match last night was worlds better – hey, everyone has bad days. 1/2*

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And now, Sammy Guevara has something to say. Tomorrow, it’s Sammy Guevara vs. Ethan Page – the title and Sammy’s spot in the Inner Circle is on the line, but if Sammy wins, the 10-man tag will be made for Full Gear. He congratulates Ethan Page on getting the match he wanted, and yeah, Ethan deserves it – he’s more of the veteran even though they did the grind together. But what will happen when Ethan fails in his biggest opportunity… like he’s done all his life? Will he keep complaining? Because complaining won’t get him the title. Guevara got it through 11 years of effort. Cut to the chase – Guevara has to be killed in order to lose the title!

Cue Ethan Page, bursting out in laughter. Ethan reminds us of what he’s done to Darby Allin, so of course he’s ready to kill Guevara. Everything changes on Wednesday, when Guevara is no longer the face of TNT. Yeah, Sammy is relatable to the people – because he’s an immature, basic civilian like everyone but Ethan. Ethan says he has the best look and style in the game, and he owns the room when he enters. So on Wednesday, TNT gets the champ they deserve, with Ethan taking them to places they never thought possible.

Guevara lays the belt down and invites Ethan into the ring… but Scorpio Sky attacks from behind! Ethan then beats up Guevara as Sky does his best JR impression and Guevara’s nose is bleeding. Sky tells Ethan to finish him off with the Ego’s Edge, but Guevara goldbricks long enough for Santana and Ortiz to make the save. Tomorrow night, it happens!

Eddie Kingston (27-7) vs. Jack Evans (18-42). Evans doesn’t get much of a reaction when he comes out. No Angelico, no Hardy, and no hope when Kingston emerges. Taz: “They have the same haircut now.”

Evans yells about their haircuts to start, and when you talk so much Kingston gets annoyed, you know you talk too much. Then Evans asks who has the best bald look… and Bryce Remsburg gets the chant, much to Eddie’s amusement. Eddie avoids a spinkick, Evans avoids the Backfist, and Evans gets the 540 kick. Handspring elbow connects, then a springboard dropkick for one. Eddie pops back up with a hard chop, but Evans follows with some elbows. He wrenches the arm, then gets a roundhouse kick off the ropes to set up the standing Skytwister for two.

Running stomp by Evans and he goes up, but Eddie catches him in an Exploder suplex. Evans then runs into a couple of big chops, and the short-arm DDT gets two. Evans flips out of a suplex and gets another flying roundhouse, then delivers the Falcon Arrow for two. He tries to pick Eddie up, but Eddie goldbricks. Evans keeps trying, so Eddie gets the Backfist to the Future, backdrop, and Stretch Plum to win at 4:22. Kingston has more tools than I knew he had. *1/4

Tomorrow on Dynamite – it’s Hikaru Shida vs Serena Deeb in Round 1 of the TBS tournament, a rematch of a few weeks ago between two women who Do Not Like Each Other. Winner gets Nyla Rose in the quarters.

Dante Martin (w/Lio Rush) (17-7) vs. JDX (0-2). Given this pairing, I wonder if that’s bad news for Darius Martin’s rehab progress. Although given I don’t think Martin was too thrilled with the pairing, it may be setting up Rush to get his own team when Darius returns.

They exchange armlocks to start, with Martin going to a headlock and armbar takedown. JDX gets up and pushes Martin to the ropes for a clean break, then asks for a test of strength. Martin quickly breaks it up and goes back to the headlock, but JDX snapmares out to begin a criss-cross ending with a high elevation dropkick by Martin. JDX dodges a charging Martin and gets an enzuigiri to the back, following up with an STO for one.

Martin leaps over a charging JDX, who falls to the outside. Marti follows with a pescado. Back in, the double-jump moonsault is dodged and JDX with Paydirt for two. Martin dodges a running kick in the corner and leaps over to roll JDX away before coming back with the double-jump moonsault for the win at 2:53. A decent story over three minutes – JDX knew what Martin liked to do and could avoid it, but Martin was too crazy good to be kept out for long. 1/2*

Post-match, Schiavone talks to both men about their match on Rampage against the Sydal Brothers. Lio says it’s gonna be a heck of a match when Dante proves to everyone including himself that he’s one of the best in the game. Rush, though, wants the Sydal name to go away because they haven’t helped Dante the way Lio has. This will strengthen his mind and heart going forward. Martin seems a little confused by Lio’s motivation. Okay, Lio is a much better talker than Dante, so the pairing might work for the short-term.

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And now we hear from Adam Cole, because there’s an eight-man tag coming up on Dynamite: Cole/Omega/Matt/Nick against Uno/Stu/Colt/Silver. We then look back at what the Superkliq did to Jungle Boy on Dynamite. Schiavone begins the awkward interview by calling out what the Elite did to Jurassic Express, and does Cole like what he did? Cole snatches the mic out of Schiavone’s hand to explain. When he saw Jungle Boy crash, he said “Wake up”. And he wasn’t telling the unconscious Jungle Boy literally – it was time for everyone to stop sleeping on him. People are in denial of how great the Elite is – the whole company’s named after them! They’re the building blocks of AEW, and pro wrestling is what it is thanks to them! No one in the locker room knows that, but they’re all stupid. And what they did to Jungle Boy is just the beginning. Cole then drops the mic instead of handing it back.

Schiavone’s busy tonight as we go to Earlier Tonight and an interview backstage with Jade Cargill. Mark Sterling talks about Cargill getting one of the byes in the first round because of her great winning streaks – she’s beaten Nyla Rose, Thunder Rosa, Skye Blue (whoever that is), and more. That’s why she’s one of the top women in the rankings, and why she deserves a title shot… like the one she’s getting in the tournament! New title, new network, new champion, new face of the women’s division.

Tiger Ruas vs. DJ Brown. Both men are having their first AEW singles match, but Ruas teamed with Cezar Bononi to get a win prior to this. Also, in Brazilian Portuguese the leading R is pronounced like an H, so the last name is said “Huas”.

Ruas catches Brown charging in with a capoeira kick, poses over him, and pins him in 14.1 seconds.

Schiavone interviews Ruas post-match, and they agree the wins are just getting started. Ruas wants competition, and this can’t be the best AEW has to offer. He knows the wrestlers and fighters here are elite, and he asks Tony Khan for a better foe than just this. Technique is everything.

Diamante (12-8) vs. Skyler Moore (0-2). Diamante on Dark is about where she belongs, so let’s see what she can do without having a jobber as a partner. Or an Ivelisse. (Sidenote: can we get it started that Charlotte pulled an Ivelisse, please?)

Diamante with forearms and uppercuts to start, but she puts her head down and Moore catches her before adding a dropkick for two. More forearms in the corner, but Diamante returns fire and the two go back and forth. Hammer Throw by Moore leads to a cradle for two. Diamante comes back with a running uppercut and short clotheslines. Shiranui and Cross-Arm nerve lock wins at 1:20. That’s the kind of win a lowcarder needs for a reheat.

We go backstage to find Schiavone with Tony Nese. He was in the stands on Dynamite, so what does he want in AEW? Nese heard gret things about AEW, so why not sign up? Just one problem, though: there’s so many people in the AEW roster, but half of them don’t belong in the same ring as Nese. Starting next week, he’s going to pick off names – starting with Fuego Del Sol, who doesn’t belong in the same ring as the Premier Athlete. This is all well and good, but it seems to be ignoring that he’s Tony Nese.

Preston Vance (w/Alan Angels, Alex Reynolds, John Silver, and BRODIE LEE JR!) (30-4) vs. Shayne Stetson (0-1). Only Junior goes to ringside with Vance. I gotta say, I love the new mask – very Deathstroke. Also, a guy with the last name Stetson should pretend to be from either Texas or Florida, not upstate New York.

Test of strength kicks us off, but Stetson chops Vance only to become roadkill. Vance with a pump kick in the corner, then he hiptosses Stetson over the top rope. SPINEBUSTER follows, and the Full Nelson wins at 54.2 seconds. Any time Junior gets to watch his friends win a match is fine by me. Tomorrow, it’s Vance vs Moxley.

Too Fast Too Fuego (Fuego Del Sol and “Fuego II”) (first time teaming) vs. Dean Alexander and Kidd Bandit (also first time teaming). The Fuegos have matching ring gear and the other one is known as Fuego II, technically. It’s pretty obvious II is Cody Rhodes though. Excalibur even notes the “Dream” tattoo on his chest which is only partially hidden by the singlet.

Charlie Brown From Outta Town starts with Alexander. Crowd is willing to play along, though Excalibur has his doubts. Stagger Lee with an armlock, and Los Fuegos get a double dropkick as Fuego gets two. Alexander knocks down Fuego, and brings in Bandit, who gets armdragged. Mr. America takes Bandit down and works the arm before getting the lie-down… kick. What, you thought it would be an uppercut?

Fuego back in, and he’s alley-ooped by Hijo Del Midnight Rider into a dropkick for two. Fuego holds the arm as his partner goes up top, and Conquistador #3 drops the axhadle on the arm. Bandit tries to reverse a whip but runs into a boot. Alexander runs interference and Bandit gets a 540 kick on Se7en. Alexander in, but El Sueño Americano reverses only to get stomped down in the corner. We HIT THE CHINLOCK, but the Ripper fights out only to get dropkicked for two. Alexander and Bandit try a tandem rana, but Bandit gets powerbombed by Doink the Clown and in comes Fuego with the hot tag.

Cross-chops to Alexander, then a corner spear. Lionsault to a standing Alexander, then a thrust kick for two, Bandit saves. Bandit knocks Black Knight off the apron, and Alexander with a Tombstone to Fuego, but it’s broken up. Bandit disposes of Dr. X and dives onto him with a tope, which leaves Fuego and Alexander in the ring. Fuego with a springboard Tornado DDT to win at 5:50. The Fuegos lift each other up post-match. And good thing the match is over now – I’m running out of aliases. *1/2 A close-up shows the mask is trying to cover Cody’s tattoo, but you can still kind of see it on his neck.

Aaron Solo (12-19) vs. Bryan Danielson (4-0-1). This must have been late in the taping, because the crowd took a while to get excited for Danielson. QT Marshall and Nick Comoroto are at ringside, and DAMN Marshall’s eye looks horrible!

Danielson with a waistlock, but Solo takes the arm only for Danielson to get a fireman’s carry and work the wrist. He tries to get a keylock, but Solo fights to his feet only to get run over with a shoulderblock. Solo bails and gets some coaching from Marshall before returning. Back in, test of strength is locked up, with Solo kicking to the gut to take control. Danielson rolls back to reverse it, then gets a Northern Lights suplex for a series of twos (Solo can’t quite bridge out). Danielson switches to try a cross armbar, but Solo stacks him for two. Danielson switches to a top kimura, stomping the arm for emphasis.

Uppercut follows, then a chop in the corner. Solo reverses to do his own chops, but Danielson wins that exchange easily. Solo reverses a whip to the corner only to run into a boot. He recovers to yank Danielson off the turnbuckle, though, then follows with a shotgun dropkick. It gets two. Solo distracts the ref so Marshall can get a choke in, leading to the “Hey, crowd, did something happen?” spot that always gets over. Solo with a suplex for two. Knees to the back and Solo picks Danielson up only to get uppercutted hard.

Solo recovers with a turnbuckle smash and Hammer Throw, but the shotgun dropkick is caught and Danielson catapults him… but Solo lands on the middle rope and comes down with a double-stomp! It gets two. Solo works the arm with stomps, then chokes Danielson against the bottom rope. Marshall with a cheap shot behind the ref’s back, and Solo covers… but he’s in the ropes. Solo throws Danielson into the ropes, but Danielson gets the leaping elbow and HE’S YESSING UP! Running dropkick in the corner, then kicks and chops in the corner before ending with another running dropkick. He puts Solo up top, and a top-rope Frankensteiner has Solo loopy.

Yes Kicks follow, ending with the roundhouse, but Marshall jumps on the apron to get the ref. This allows Comoroto to grab Danielson’s foot long enough for Solo to get a 540 kick on Danielson for two. Solo regains his composure and works Danielson over in the corner, but Danielson flips over on a corner whip and dives onto Comoroto to take him out. He comes back in via the top, but Solo catches him in mid-air with a dropkick! Pedigree is set up, but Danielson knows how to reverse that to the LeBell Lock, and he does just that to win at 9:33. Bravo, Aaron! Solo’s best AEW effort. ***1/4

I can tell you from my experience in training that, yes, you DO get better by osmosis, so Solo having a match like this will only help his career. And it wasn’t just Danielson carrying him – Solo held his own in the ring and didn’t look out of place at all. Sure, Danielson was better and crisper, and you could see it, but Danielson’s better and crisper than tons of people. He just wasn’t wrestling himself – Solo was able to stay within a step without it looking like Danielson was slowing down for him.


  • SuperElite vs. Dark Order!
  • Sammy Guevara puts the gold on the line against Ethan Page!
  • Serena Deeb and Hikaru Shida in Round 1 of the TBS Tournament!
  • Jon Moxley against Preston Vance in the Eliminator!
  • CM Punk has his first Dynamite match when he faces Bobby Fish!


  • Lio Rush and Dante Martin face the Sydals!
  • Bryan Danielson vs. Eddie Kingston, winner goes to Full Gear!


BELL-TO-BELL – 31:29 over nine matches (average time 3:30)

MATCH OF THE NIGHT – Danielson/Solo


  1. Bryan Danielson
  2. Eddie Kingston
  3. Aaron Solo
  4. Tony Schiavone
  5. Whoever Fuego’s partner was… dude did look familiar.


  1. The SuperElite over Dark Order when Omega pins Colt.
  2. CM Punk over Bobby Fish.
  3. Jon Moxley advances by beating Preston Vance. The Elite try to attack him, but Adam Page makes the save.
  4. Hikaru Shida over Serena Deeb, advancing in the TBS tournament.
  5. Sammy Guevara retains over Ethan Page, then insists that Dan Lambert be one of the men on American Top Team at Full Gear.


  1. Bryan Danielson over Eddie Kingston.
  2. Jamie Hayter beats Anna Jay to advance in the TBS tournament.
  3. The Sydals over Lio Rush and Dante Martin when Rush doesn’t pull his share of the load.

Until next time, BELT THE HANGMAN!