AEW ELEVATION: October 25, 2021

The PG Era Rant for AEW Elevation, Episode 34 (“Oh, Hey, More Paul Wight, Just What I Wanted!”), October 25, 2021.

From Orlando, FL.

Your hosts are Tony, Mark, and (for now) Paul.

TONIGHT! Ryo Mizunami teams with Leyla Hirsch to take on Diamante and Xtina Kay! And QT Marshall and Preston Vance square off, with the promise of no less than SIX people at ringside! PLUS – Paul Wight goes 1-on-3, FTR, and Emi Sakura in action!

Opening match: Diamante and Xtina Kay (first time teaming) vs. Ryo Mizunami (10-3) and Leyla Hirsch (19-5). If you want to know who’s going to win this match, or lose it, just know that Kay doesn’t get a Twitter handle while the others do. Hirsch is wearing the Aniki sunglasses. Wight gives a very interesting description of why he likes Hirsch (“Why you punchin’ yourself?” – it makes sense in context).

Mizunami and Diamante start. Diamante with a go-behind, into a headlock, but Mizunami shoves her off. Diamante gets the hair to keep control, adding a forearm. Mizunami responds by chopping her into next week, so Diamante brings Kay in. But Kay wants Hirsch instead, and Mizunami obliges. Hirsch with a headlock and we go International~!, with Hirsch stopping the leapfrog into a crucifix for two. Hirsch with wrist control, but Kay sends her into the corner as Diamante tags herself in to add a knee strike. Snapmare by Diamante and she mocks Mizunami before going ground and pound. It gets two.

Short-arm lariats by Diamante, then a back elbow sets up the deadweight splash, which hits the knees. Hirsch with a German suplex on Diamante, and it’s hot tag Mizunami. Everyone gets run over repeatedly, and Mizunami stacks them up in the corner to give them Kobashi machine gun chops. Kay is in the front and gets the exclamation point. Kay gets dumped, and Diamante eats a corner clothesline and legdrop for two, brother.

Hirsch tagged in, and Mizunami gets an STO before throwing Hirsch onto Diamante for two. Hirsch slugs Kay off the apron and goes up, but Diamante trips her into the Tree of Woe and adds a dropkick for two. Assisted Shiranui by Diamante and Kay gets two, Mizunami saves. Hirsch throws Kay into a spear from Mizunami, and a Shining Wizard from Hirsch wins it at 6:04. Fun opener. *3/4

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Non-title: AAA Tag Team Champions FTR (Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler w/Tully Blanchard) (#1 team, 24-3) vs. Toa Liona and Mike Reed (debut). The crowd actually cheers FTR some, probably because they’re the big names against the nobodies. Liona is really big. Reed looks like Tyler Breeze.

Reed starts against Wheeler, and the crowd has a loud FTR chant. Henry says it’s about respect. Wheeler trips Reed out of a test of strength and slaps him around before getting a front chancery. Reed gets up and works the arm, but Wheeler kips up and slaps Reed around like a BOSS. Harwood in, and he works over Reed in the corner as the crowd chants Lucha. Harwood rakes the eyes and slugs Reed, then gets a front suplex. Wheeler in, but Reed escapes both and tags in Liona.

Harwood and Wheeler flip off Liona, who just waaits for them to stop goofing off. Wheeler tries first, hitting shots to the kidneys and getting a sleeper, but Liona backs him into the corner and elbows him. Wheeler is pounced out of the ring, and when Harwood tries to grab the hair, Liona pulls him in by the throat for a tree slam. Tully grabs the legs, so Liona goes for HIM, but Wheeler (still the legal man) gets a kneelift and takes over in the FTR corner. Harwood pummels Liona, and FTR do a double-team guillotine into the ropes. Wheeler gets only one off of it. Harwood in, but a double suplex is blocked as they fight over it. FTR bail out and try a double clothesline, but Liona runs through it and takes both men out with a crossbody. Hot tag Reed…

…who runs straight into the Big Rig for the loss at 4:54. Welp. **1/4

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Face time for the announcers as they talk about the rest of the show.

Emi Sakura (w/Lulu Pencil) (7-2) vs. Reka Tehaka (0-10). This show really needs Eddie Kingston to be excited over Lulu. For one thing, Wight and Henry sound too similar – not in vocal tone, but in style.

Sakura slaps away the Code of Honor, so they slug it out. Tehaka gets the better of it until Sakura chops her and tosses her by the hair. She tries another hairpull slam, but Tehaka vetoes it and poses. So Sakura rakes her back mid-pose to demand attention. So Tehaka in turn smashes her into the corner and gets shoulders to the gut until there’s another backrake. Big chop and facebuster follow, setting up the Romero Special, but Tehaka blocks it and forces Sakura to switch to a camel clutch. Great bit as Sakura keeps getting the ref’s count up to four with a hair pull with one hand, then switches hands, forcing the count to start over.

Tehaka backdrops out of the tiger backbreaker and gets a SUPERKICK for two. They chop it out, with Wight and Henry wincing just hearing the chops, so Tehaka gives her the SAMOAN HEADBUTTS OF DOOM into a side suplex try. Sakura reverses this into a reverse spinning neckbreaker, setting up the corner crossbody. Sakura goes up, and the Vader elbowdrop wins it at 3:50. Really good for how short it was. *1/2 Tehaka is shown rolling out of the ring and glaring at Sakura.

QT Marshall (w/Nick Comoroto and Aaron Solo) (23-7) vs. Preston Vance (w/Alex Reynolds, John Silver, Alan Angels, and BRODIE LEE JR!) (29-4). Give Marshall this: he’s getting a lot of heel heat. And good news: the Dark Order has even more face heat, so everything’s gone well for them. And for all those wondering why Vance is in the Eliminator Tournament, look at that gaudy record. Schiavone reminds us that Vance’s arm was injured in a match against Moxley 16 months ago. Dark Order go to the back, dragging Jr with them.

A massive “10” chant at the bell, so QT bails. He returns to lock up, and Vance shoves him away. Headlock by Vance and we go International~!, with Vance getting a right hook to floor Marshall after the leapfrog. Hammer Throw and corner clothesline, then a BACK body drop. Does Vance pay Shawn Spears royalties for holding up ten fingers? Vance is sent to the apron, where he chases Solo only for Marshall to get the gamengiri to take over. Back in, brainbuster and kneedrop gets two for Marshall. Marshall has a black eye from that right hook.

Vance recovers enough to chop Marshall, but gets whipped into the ropes and met with a back elbow as the ref checks the black eye. Eventually, Marshall covers for two. Marshall rips away at Vance’s mask, but Vance gets to his feet and they slug it out. Vance with a Cena backdrop slam for the double down. Marshall is up first and says it’s over, but he runs into a big boot in the corner and Vance with clotheslines to come back. Pump kick in the corner, but Marshall cuts off a second one only to run into the SPINEBUSTER.

Marshall rolls away, so Comoroto distracts Vance on the outside. Vance is surrounded by Comoroto and Solo, but Reynolds and Silver and Angels race out to drag them to the back. Back in, Marshall with a low blow and cradle for two. Diamond Cutter is reversed to a backslide for two. Full Nelson by Vance gets the submission win at 5:48. Jr comes back to celebrate with his favorite wrestler. QT Marshall is really good on these YouTube shows – he finds a way to have a good match with just about anyone. **1/2

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Main” Event: WELLLLLLLLLLLLLL It’s Paul Wight (2-0) vs. Arjun Singh and Cole Karter and Carlie Bravo (first time being sacrificed). Wight goes straight from commentary to the ring, as he followed the Lawler Rule of being dressed for the occasion. And yes, “No More BS” is his official nickname. This feels like a dark match from the WWWF or something, where they’d just find some geeks and feed them to Andre.

Everyone swarms Wight to start, and Karter rocks him with a dropkick, but Wight fights his way out and headbutts Karter. Slams for Singh and Bravo, and Karter gets put in the corner and we begin giving everyone a Silencio Chop. Singh tries to attack and gets seconds. Bravo walks into a goozle, but Karter and Singh attack from behind to get him free. They try to whip him into the ropes, but Wight chucks them out and spears Bravo into next week. Singh charges in and gets AHHHHHHTHECHOKESLAM, and then Wight tosses Karter back in and punches his lights out for the win at 2:15. Tony and Henry say they should try four or five next time. MURDER

Hey, this was a good episode! The only non-competitive match was meant to be non-competitive, and the others went from “not bad for a showcase” up to “actually really good”. Check this episode out if you get the chance… although if you stop before the Wight match, I understand.