Tournament Upset

Since everyone thinks it’s a foregone conclusion that the Eliminator Tournament Finals will be Moxley vs. Danielson, might it be a more fun idea to have 10 pull off a fluke upset on Wednesday night?

It gives a guy they’re high on instant credibility by beating a World Champion.  It would easily plant seeds for the seemingly inevitable Mox heel turn as he could start murdering Dark Order guys after the loss – which then could set up a Mox/Hangman program.

Then that leaves you with Bryan Danielson vs. Orange Cassidy at the PPV, which would be a hell of a deal in and of itself.  Thoughts?

Yeah but Tony already wrote it down on that piece of paper at the football game, so…you know…that's it.  It's done.  

Also they're clearly building to Big Money Matt against Orange to blow off that feud and I'd rather they stay the course.