The End of an Era

It looks like the relationship with Impact and AEW is finished. After AEW stars held their main title and buried the product on their own TV, what else can be said from Impact's perspective than “LOL TNA”? 

Oh, and if you didn't watch Bound for Glory, the IIIIInspiration won their tag titles in their first appearance, because Impact/TNA/Global Force/Anthem can't hold their load when it comes to putting titles on incoming talent without doing a bit of polish or allowing something to breath.

I don't want to blindly bash the product too much because most of what I watched of this era has been at least competent and enjoyable.  I do have a problem with them using the WWE trope of booking the big babyface win and then pulling the rug out with the Magic Contract, though, and the main event result really annoyed me in that regard.