Reigns too long?

Hello Scott

Do you feel the “Head of the Table” shtick has gone on too long? At this

point people only want to see someone, anyone, win the title. But unlike

say Honky Tonk Man's Intercontinental Championship run where people were

paying to see him lose, the Tribal Chief is just running fans off. When

the BUNNY gets more viewers, then we clearly have a problem. Basically,

by the time somebody finally wins the Historical Universal Championship,

who will really care? Maybe it will be more a case of people sighing and

going “Finally”, rather than actually popping.

Also, how would Rock being the one to end the Reign of Boredom benefit

anyone? It'll get a brief spike in the ratings, but the message would be

clear…NONE of the current guys could win the title, so the retired

from the ring Hollywood guy has to come back. It would make the current

guys look like even bigger losers than they are portrayed as being


In what universe is Reigns running viewers off?  He's literally the only ratings draw they have left outside of part-time guys like Brock.  The title reign has been so ridiculously successful that people are actually cheering for him now and they're going to have to fight it to keep him heel.  

This, sir, was a BAD TAKE.