LOD’s 1997 Tag Title Reign

One thing that got lost in all the chaos of late WWF 1997, was LOD's short Tag Title reign right before Survivor Series.  They made such a big deal of them finally winning the belts back from the Godwinns (After only a 2 day Title reign no less), and then out
of nowhere they lost to the Outlaws and never got back on top again.

Were they supposed to have a long reign?  Did they expect to get the belts back from NAO at some point?  How much of that whole fiasco was a Russo booking situation rather than what Vince had planned?

They were definitely not planned to have a long reign.  It was just done to pop a rating with their name value and BOY HOWDY did that fail.  But they did give DX a bit of a rub so there’s that.