What the World Was Watching: WWF Wrestling Challenge – July 22, 1990

Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Heenan are doing commentary and they are still in Huntington, West Virginia.

Opening Contest:  The Big Bossman (17-1) defeats Buddy Rose after the Bossman Slam at 2:01:

As the Bossman lays into Rose, Ted DiBiase and Virgil do an insert promo that runs down Cobb County, Georgia.  Rose draws a reaction by see-sawing in the ropes as the Bossman rains down blows, losing to the Bossman for the second time this year after taking a Bossman Slam.  After the bout, the Bossman handcuffs Rose in the ropes and chokes him with his nightstick.

Lord Alfred Hayes’ Special Report recaps the SummerSlam happenings that were revealed on Superstars.

The Barbarian (w/Bobby Heenan) (12-0) pins Troy Williams after a flying clothesline at 2:28:

Heenan’s experiment with the headset only lasted a week as he does not have it for this bout.  The Barbarian continues to build momentum in the lower midcard by wiping out another jobber.

Okerlund does the SummerSlam Report.  Rick Rude appears behind a cage with Heenan, warning the Warrior that a Rude Awakening is his fate at SummerSlam.  Jimmy Hart urges Dino Bravo to pay attention to Tugboat at SummerSlam, while Earthquake says he will finish Hulk Hogan forever at the pay-per-view.  Tugboat promises Hogan that he will not let him down and Hogan hypes Tugboat as his “home security system.”

Hacksaw Jim Duggan’s match against Paul Diamond from Prime Time Wrestling is shown.

Okerlund interviews WWF Champion the Ultimate Warrior.  The Warrior promises to break Rude into pieces around the country and finish him off for good at SummerSlam.  He adds that a cage is no obstacle for him.  The Warrior displayed good fire in this promo but as always, it was not always sensical.

Rhythm & Blues (w/Jimmy Hart) (17-0-1) defeat Darryl Yates & Reno Riggins when the Honky Tonk Man pins Yates after a double back suplex at 2:09:

In the split screen, the Bushwhackers argue that they can sing better than the Blues and do an awful rendition of “Hunka Hunka Honky Love,” so that feud continues.  The jobbers provide no competition, only managing to put Greg Valentine in an arm ringer.  After the match, the Blues sing their hit song.

Tune in next week to see Jake Roberts, Demolition, Tugboat, and Mr. Perfect in action!  Also, there will be a special interview with Rick Rude!

The Last Word:  As this show attests, the company is furiously trying to reheat the Ultimate Warrior-Rick Rude feud but like trying to reheat leftovers, it is impossible to get the original, delicious taste back.  It is laughable that the bout is being sold as a main event on the level of Hulk Hogan-Earthquake when the Hogan program has had better storytelling and more consistent play across WWF television.

Here is a recap of the WWF’s house show action from mid-July, with results obtained from thehistoryofwwe.com:

Colorado Springs, Colorado – City Auditorium – July 18, 1990 (1,800):  Akeem pinned Dustin Rhodes with a splash…The Barbarian beat Jimmy Snuka with a Mafia kick…Ronnie Garvin pinned Mike Sharpe with a cradle…The Rockers defeated Tanaka & Mr. Fuji (substituting for Sato) when Michaels pinned Fuji…Tugboat beat Dino Bravo with a splash…Jim Brunzell defeated the Brooklyn Brawler…Earthquake pinned Hacksaw Jim Duggan after several Earthquake Splashes.

Portland, Oregon – Memorial Coliseum – July 20, 1990 (4,500):  Koko B. Ware beat the Genius…Paul Roma pinned Paul Diamond…Shane Douglas defeated Black Bart…Nikolai Volkoff beat Boris Zhukov…The Bushwhackers defeated Rhythm & Blues via disqualification…The Big Bossman pinned Ted DiBiase…WWF Champion the Ultimate Warrior beat Rick Rude.

Biloxi, Mississippi – Coast Coliseum – July 22, 1990 (est. 3,000):  A scheduled bout between WWF Tag Team Champions Demolition and the Hart Foundation did not take place…Buddy Rose pinned Jim Powers with a small package…Hercules defeated Brady Boone…Tito Santana (substituting for Brutus Beefcake) pinned Akeem (substituting for Intercontinental Champion Mr. Perfect)…Dusty Rhodes & Sapphire (w/Miss Elizabeth) beat Randy Savage & Sensational Sherri (w/Brother Love) when Sapphire pinned Sherri.

Backstage News*:        The WWF is hoping that the arrival of Sergeant Slaughter, Kerry Von Erich, and the Legion of Doom can shake up a stale main event scene.  Several WWF officials remain wary that Von Erich will stick around, though, so they had him do a lot of interviews for local house shows when he came to the recent Superstars taping.  Von Erich was allowed to finish up his USWA commitments, beating Rod Price by disqualification at a show in Dallas on July 20.

*A bar brawl in St. Louis led to the arrest of Haku and Brady Boone.  Curt Hennig was reportedly involved too.  The brawl occurred after a customer tried to talk to a woman who was with the wrestlers, prompting Haku to allegedly grab the man by the throat and toss him across the room.  Haku then started choking the  man and it took four bouncers and six police officers to pull him off.  One of the police officers had a chunk of his back bitten out in the melee.  Haku has been charged with battery, resisting arrest, and destruction of property, while Boone was arrested for battery.  All of this might explain why Haku was punished by losing to Pete Doherty in Boston last week.

*Brutus Beefcake’s recovery is going faster than expected, but it is still doubtful that he will be back in the ring soon.

*At the Saturday Night’s Main Event taping in Omaha, Nebraska on July 16, the WWF handed out 11,000 Ultimate Warrior masks for people to wear on television.  Only half of the audience wore them, but the WWF is trying to make it seem that the Warrior is more popular than Hulk Hogan.

*In talent relations news, Dustin Rhodes has been signed and started working house shows.  His first match against Haku went okay but it was said that Rhodes looked nervous.  Look for Tony Atlas to be brought in as a preliminary heel worker.  And Jesse Ventura is leaving the WWF over a video game dispute as Ventura was lending his name to a Sega project.  This displeased Vince McMahon, who did not want a company talent making a licensing deal that ran counter to the WWF’s agreement with Nintendo.  Bobby Heenan will be taking over Ventura’s commentary duties in the future.

*Backstage news is provided courtesy of Dave Meltzer’s Wrestling Observer for July 30.

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