WWF Action Zone – October 22nd, 1995



October 22, 1995

Your hosts are Todd Pettengill and Dok Hendrix

This is the preview show for “In Your House 4”


Pettengill tells us that despite being attacked by “ten thugs,” Shawn Michaels will defend the Intercontinental Title against Dean Douglas at the PPV.


We are shown clips of the steel cage between Bret Hart and Isaac Yankem from the 10/16 edition of “Monday Night RAW.”


That wonderful Diesel interview from the 10/21 edition of “Superstars” is shown. Might as well have added a flashing neon sign in post-production telling us Diesel’s reign will be ending soon.


Back to the studio as the hosts believe that Diesel will be focused and ready to defend the World Heavyweight Title although Dok said that the British Bulldog will do anything to get the title, which is why he aligned with Jim Cornette.


Dok promises Shawn will be at In Your House to defend the title but cannot promise how his face will look after the attack by those “ten thugs.”


Dean Douglas defeats Hakushi in a snoozer of a match from the 10/21 edition of “Superstars”


Once again we go to the studio where the hosts once again specify that Shawn will be at the PPV to defend the title. They are really stressing on this show that Shawn will be at the PPV to defend the title. Pettengill discusses what happened and that the police report stated Shawn was unconscious and had his head slammed off of a car hood. Dok puts over Shawn’s courage but that defending the title in this condition is the worst mistake he can make in his life. Dok then adds how on the “Ross Report,” Jim Ross spoke with Shawn’s mother as this will air later on in the show. Well, not exactly that but the Ross Report would air.


We are shown a clip from two weeks ago on RAW where Mabel hit Undertaker with a leg drop and crushed his face. In reality, Mabel wrecked Undertaker with an errant clothesline at a house show that took place after RAW was taped. As a result, Gorilla Monsoon named Mabel as Undertaker’s replacement against Yokozuna at the PPV.


The promo from Paul Bearer on RAW airs. Easily the best thing to air on WWF TV this week.


Ross Report with Jim Ross. We start with Ross telling us how Cornette has pissed off Yokozuna by signing an open contract that Gorilla Monsoon discovered in an open file which gave Monsoon the authority to make Yokozuna vs. Mabel at the PPV. On TV, they stressed how he did it due to the attack but I guess this is the storyline reason why that was allowed to happen. A little convoluted but they are I guess trying to use this replacement match as a way to start friction between Yokozuna and Cornette. Ross also notes both men weigh as much as the Dallas Cowboys starting defensive line. We then switch to the Tag Title match between Smoking Gunns vs. Razor Ramon & 1-2-3 Kid. Ross notes that Kid is a two-time former Tag Team Champion but questions if he is recovered from his broken neck and if can accept his role on his team and let Razor lead things while not crying like he has been as of late. Ross then wonders if the Gunns will become the WWF Tag Team of the 1990’s, like Gorilla Monsoon & Killer Kowalski in the 1960’s, Wild Samoans in the 1970’s, and the British Bulldogs in the 1980’s. History told us that was not the case. Ross now talks about the Intercontinental Title match and how shocked we will be after seeing how Shawn looks after his attack by those “ten thugs.” Ross says that Shawn is a fighter and will continue his streak of “5-star matches” on PPV. I assume he meant singles matches with his IC Title match against Jarrett and the ladder match against Razor at SummerSlam. Ross then talks about Shawn’s mother being worried about this match before plugging the “Superstar Line” as the winners and losers after each match will be on the line plus an “uncensored” interview with Bret Hart after the PPV ends. So, with Bret on commentary for the title match and Ross plugging an “uncensored” interview afterwards, expect Bret to get into an altercation with someone. I liked this segment even though the original concept for this show was less talking heads and experts and more action. It was a break from rehashed TV clips and dopey comedy between Todd & Dok.


The question of the day is how many of tonight’s PPV competitors have held titles in the WWF. The answer is 11 and they are the following: Shawn Michaels, Diesel, British Bulldog, Razor Ramon, 1-2-3 Kid, Billy Gunn, Bart Gunn, Mabel, Marty Jannetty, Yokozuna, and Fatu.


Dok brings up Hunter Hearst Helmsley being undefeated and this segues into the clip of Helmsley spraying Fatu backstage with his atomizer from “Superstars.”


The “We’re All Together Now” heavy metal music video airs.


The hosts talk about Shawn again and do not understand how he can be in shape to defend the Intercontinental title tonight.


Plug for tomorrow night’s Intercontinental Title #1 Contender’s match battle royal on RAW. After that, Pettengill says we will hear about another title match for that show.


Back to the hosts as Dok sings “Ladies Night” briefly before they talked about the feud between Alundra Blayze and Bertha Faye. We see a clip of Bertha’s debut where she attacked Alundra Blayze from behind on the 4/3 edition of RAW. This was before Bertha’s makeover as the announcers, Vince & Cornette, did not know her name. Six months later and the heat for this is non existent.


The hosts shill the Bret Hart & Shawn Michaels standees that includes the classic VHS tape. As someone mentioned in a previous review, I need to track this VHS tape down and recap it for the blog.


We learn that Bertha Faye vs. Alundra Blayze for the Women’s Title will take place tomorrow night on RAW. You know, because they are in fact the entire Women’s Division at this point.


A quote from the British Bulldog flashes on the screen that reads: “In that 50 degree below zero hell hole Winnipeg, I’m going to take the title back to England where it belongs.”


Dok bolts as to now miss the plane to Winnipeg for the PPV.


We now get a clip where the Superstars try to guess the capital of Canada. Lots of guesses for Toronto and Montreal here. Henry Godwinn actually guessed Winnipeg. Savio Vega even guessed “Puerto Rico.” The 1-2-3 Kid actually correctly guessed first that it is Ottawa. Others then guessed correctly the second time around.


Pettengill, due to all of the changes, wants to run down the PPV card once again. That was nice of him. He then proceeded to say that the card was “awesome,” and on paper alone that is certainly a bold statement. Below are the matches:

World Title Match: Diesel vs. British Bulldog, with Bret Hart on commentary since Bret will challenge the winner for the title at Survivor Series

Intercontinental Title Match: Shawn Michaels vs. Dean Douglas

Tag Title Match: Smoking Gunns vs. Razor Ramon & 1-2-3 Kid

Hunter Hearst Helmsley vs. Fatu

Yokozuna vs. King Mabel

Marty Jannetty vs. Goldust


We get a video package of various Goldust vignettes to hype his debut tonight at the PPV.


Pettengill then talks about all the snacks he is getting for the PPV and altogether cost more than purchasing the PPV. So, you know, we should be able to buy the PPV.


Final Thoughts: This show really did stress how Shawn was going to be on the PPV to defend the Intercontinental Title. They made sure to get this across every other statement. I thought the Ross Report was a good segment but the fact this PPV has very little momentum heading in is too much to overcome. We will see what happens with the Intercontinental Title match tomorrow as I have my PPV recap up then I’ll add my thoughts on how the WWF handled the situation then.