Blog of DOOM Daily Thread – 21st October 2021

Happy Thursday Everyone!

I watched a Raw from 1999 recently that featured a match between Patterson & Brisco Vs The Mean Street Posse, and it got me thinking. Had Patterson and Brisco decided to team up in their prime as a Heel tandem do you reckon they would have been one of the most famous teams of their era? They certainly had success with Ray Stevens and Jack Brisco respectively.

Belt The Hangman!

Scheduled today on the Blog: Scott has got some more classic WWF for us later. Thomas posted some more WWE from 2007 recently. Still time to read my review of ROH Wrath of the Racket from yesterday. Jabroniville’s recent Dream Matches article is worth your time. Logan posted some WWF from 1990 yesterday and it’s a belter so go give it a goosey gander

Now some news from Cultaholic

Pat Patterson was almost deported in the 60’s due to his homosexuality

Speaking of Patterson

PWG has another event coming up in November

Let’s see if the “Super Indie” can still be a thing in the age of AEW

Chris Jericho wants to wrestle Minoru Suzuki

If they kept that as a brawl and the crowd was into it then I could see it being fun

More Demo’s Vs Total Viewership discussion for those that aren’t sick of it yet

Have a gooden everyone!