WWE cared too much?

Hey Scott-

So the fact that WWE put Daniel Bryan on the shelf for an extended period of time due to the fact that he “wasn’t cleared to wrestle”. Then he was back doing all of the same stuff he used to do not only the last few years in WWE but also now in AEW. Was this due to the fact that he just needed time to heal and WWE was doing right by him or was it more they were overly cautious? Did they just say “eff it” and allow him back?

Did they WWE do him a favor to let him heal or was there some underlying reason to not have perhaps the most over guy in years on the bench?

Edge coming back makes me wonder if they just relaxed their standards and what not. 

Your thoughts?

Yup, that's WWE in a nutshell, caring too much about the well being of their talent.  

Actually I think they switched main doctors if I'm not mistaken.  Good thing they don't have Dr. James Andrews in charge, people would just tape up their neck after a concussion and work through it.