Parker Boudreaux Can Lose?

So what the hell happened to Parker Boudreaux? Seriously, shaved head and Nailz's old get-up and stalking Joe Gacy of all people?

Did he piss Vince off shilling himself online with his own self-made moniker (Destroyer of Gods) before he was even officially introduced on TV? Or did he piss people off backstage? Or was Parker's tattoos, including puppy prints too much for even Vince to take seriously?

Or is Parker's current state being Vince's attempt to personally recreate Dexter Lumis, especially as Dexter is now officially transitioning into the Nash to Johnny Gargano's Shawn Michaels? And if so, why freaking emulate Nailz? Just put Parker in a zentai suit to hide his tattoos, give him a Kane style mask, and have him rampage about until Gacy manages to calm him down, at which point he's basically using Parker as his own personal attack dog monster? If you want him to be a monster, at least go the Kane route if you are convinced no one will take Parker seriously once they see the puppy prints. 


You're much more worked up about this than I am.  Who's Parker, the bald guy?