Hey member Dan The Beast Severn former NWA Champion who used
to fight in the fake and boring UFC? Well, I think it’s time again that pro wrestlers
branch out again and I have selected some that I think would make UFC fun and
exciting to watch.  


Roman Regins-I mean duh. He is the current the Head
of the Table and the reigning Universal Champion! He has the superman punch,
spear and guillotine choke at his disposal! He also beat The Undertaker at Wrestlemania!
Come on! He would go undefeated in every fight with having those credentials.  

Kenny Omega- He is the current  AEW
Champion and wrestled in New Japan. That is 10 times more real than UFC! He
also has had many 5 star matches! Surely he would dominate UFC with 5 star

Bryan Danielson-He beat Triple H at
Wrestlemania! He retired and came back and picked up right where he left off!
He also has the flying knee. Jorge Masvidal has nothing on this guy!

Chris Jericho-Have you seen his Judas Effect?
Dude could knock out anyone with that move!

Brock Lesnar-He’s the 1st man to beat
The Undertaker at Wrestlemania! I mean surely that makes him a top contender in
the UFC!

What say you Scott? 

Oh!  I know!  AEW is featuring these new guys called American Top Team and I think they'd be pretty good in UFC.