Is it the Demos?

So gonna just leave this here and see what happens. I know there are alot of Ad executives and AEW stock holders here on the blog who basically get all their talking points from Uncle Dave on why every thing is great when it comes to AEW's ratings. Same Uncle Dave who has been tweeting about why viewers don't matter and it's all about the demos like he is a 12 year old girl defending Taylor Swift's love life. Here is the proof that before AEW was around to defend Uncle Dave ways also saying it was all about the viewers, not just a demo, when it came to crapping on WWE. He tweeted and talked about it shown in the link below. Yes I get WWE touts high demos, people have always talked about demos, and that's what networks want for advertising. But its not this end all be all that people use it to decide wins in this fake rating competition. 

At this point AEW will probably never come close in viewers but they can compete in the Demos so that's what's important now. And obviously like cousin Scott Uncle Dave has a real sweet spot for his nephew Tony. And before attacking the source Dave himself has said while he thinks the guy who runs this Twitter is annoying he usually brings accurate receipts to prove his points.

Ratings are determined by overall viewers, ad rates are determined by the demos.  Why is this supposed to be some kind of “gotcha” moment on Dave?  The anti-Meltzer crew is weirdly obsessive.