What went wrong?

Hello Scott,

reading how you hyping and loving most of what AEW throughs at the wall and trolling hardcore WWE fans and at the same time seeing how much fun you have reviewing elder/former WWE content and loving it…
What went wrong?
Yes RAW and NXT 2.0 drags the whole WWE experience down, at the same time NXT UK and most of SD and their PPV have some great quality and content. It is great to have a bigger chance of watching what you want to see…Minoru vs. Brian is the best example…and not depending on Vince and his monions to give us what we maybe want to see.
Is it about time to get WWE at that point again before the 83 weeks?
Or can we just enjoy having great wrestling at our fingertips and choose what we want to see?
Do we need WWE as the Main Event?
What made you and a whole of wrestling fans go mad at them?
Is it just Vince or does WWE need to hit rock bottom to get up?
Or has all the all the money the network and its selling to Peacock made them just lazy? I am glad they have that network and some indie, uk and old school content.

Greetings and a good week from Austria…(i am glad our WWE Network is still not affected by Peacock by the way)

From WWE's perspective, it's mostly that they're so, so, so very lazy now that they have all the money.  Not just on the main shows, but in stuff like the WWE Network, which has been around for 7 years now and is still lacking most of the basic content that should be on there for people who want a meaningful archive of wrestling history.  It's not that I want MORE wrestling to watch because I have more than enough in my life, but I want to be excited about what I watch at the very least.