Blog of DOOM Daily Thread – 19th October 2021

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Rampage and Smackdown mostly went to a draw in the all-important demo I believe, with Bunny and Ruby Soho actually being able to hold their own against a Brock and Roman segment. My main take away is that I’m happy for the two ladies, especially as Ruby’s enthusiasm for this pro wrestling stuff seems to have really been invigorated since becoming All Elite

Belt The Hangman!

Scheduled today on the Blog: Thomas will have the Raw review I’m sure. Andy will be handling the AEW review. Scott will have something special from the mid-80’s for us later on. There’s still time to read the recent reviews from Rock Star Gary (AWA), Logan (WWF 1990) and Jabronville (Joshi Spotlight)

Now some news from Cultaholic

WWE cut ticket prices to try and shift more in a building that AEW is doing well in

This will be a good barometer on seeing whether the ticket prices were the biggest issue or whether it was just a simple case of people not wanting to go to a WWE show

Braun Strowman possibly Impact bound?

That’s a decent get for them if they can pull it off in all honesty

Buddy Murphy will be working New Japan

If he doesn’t get over there I’ll be shocked

In one of their more memorable videos, the Game Grumps play P.T.

Have a gooden everyone!