AEW ELEVATION: October 18, 2021

The PG Era Rant for AEW Elevation Episode 33 (“A Quick One While He’s Away”), October 18, 2021.

From Miami, FL.

Your hosts are Tony, Paul, and Mark. Gotta justify that signing somehow.

Tonight’s feature bout is a women’s trios match with Ryo Mizunami, KiLynn King, and Red Velvet facing Nyla Rose, Diamante, and Emi Sakura. Also in action are Dustin Rhodes, Santana/Ortiz, and Wardlow.

Opening match: Dustin Rhodes (9-2) vs. Gustavo. Henry gives away the plot by saying he wants to see what Gustavo can do… during the show intro. Granted, the kid was already in the ring. Gustavo is Honduran. Rhodes faces Danielson on Saturday.

Code of Honor is refused by Gustavo to start. Headlock by Rhodes and he runs Gustavo over before getting an armdrag, doing both halves of International~!. Gustavo punches out of an armlock and fires off, but puts his head down and eats the kneeling uppercut. Powerslam follows. Butterfly into a powerslam (which he calls the Backlund Driver in a nice touch) gets the win at 1:18. And I can absolutely see Backlund, given his freakish strength, doing that to other opponents.

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Wardlow (17-3) vs. Will Austin (debut). I get the feeling if this goes any longer than the Dustin match, it’s because Wardlow let it. Wardlow destroying his opponents has gotten him over, but at some point they have to go the next step. (Khan’s cheat sheet indicates they will.)

Wardlow backs Austin into the corner and just stares at him after a clean break. Austin rolls away and locks up again, and this time Wardlow shoves him down. Austin tries a waistlock and gets thrown around again. Steinerline follows. Wardlow with a powerbomb and he just stares at Austin. Crowd wants another and cheers when he teases it, but Wardlow switches to Casualty of War for the KO at 1:52. The big problem with monster heels is that they become faces because they don’t cheat, and that’s the risk they’re running here with Wardlow.

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Proud and Powerful (Santana and Ortiz) (11-3) vs. The Island Kingz (Jaka and Sean Maluta) (first time teaming in AEW). Jaka has made the rounds quite a bit – he teamed with ROH’s Chris Dickinson as the Doom Patrol. Maluta, meanwhile, was in the Cruiserweight Classic. So what I’m saying is they’re not two nobodies, but I don’t feel like they’ll be treated as above nothing.

Ortiz knocks down Jaka before the bell, so he’s told to leave and Santana starts. Santana knocks down Jaka and rolls through a pin attempt to get a back suplex. Big chop and Ortiz enters, but Jaka flips out only to run into a knee strike, enzuigiri, and lariat. Ortiz with a half-senton, and Santana enters but gets into a slugfest. Jaka sends Santana into the ropes and Maluta cheap shots him, allowing Jaka to clobber and tag in Maluta. Santana goes over a charge and nails Maluta with a gamengiri, and Ortiz enters for a double brainbuster. Ortiz with a dropkick, but Maluta sends him into the corner and Jaka adds a thrust kick. Maluta with a Samoan Drop for one.

Big chop and Jaka comes in to give a standing Ortiz a cannonball. Maluta with a charge of his own, and Jaka gets one off of that. Jaka with a headbutt to the gut, but Ortiz ducks a spin kick and gets a clothesline for the double down. Hot tag Santana, and he kicks down Maluta and gets an assisted DDT on Jaka. Claymore to Maluta, but Jaka with a chop to get back into it. Ortiz rolls Santana into a cutter off a whip, and a lungblower, SUPERKICK, and Spin Cycle get the win at 4:41. Wight says that move is called Outlined in Chalk. They gave a little, but it felt like it was never in doubt. * And honestly, the facepaint makes it harder to tell the two apart, especially since Ortiz straightened his hair.

Main Event: Nyla Rose (21-5), Diamante (12-8), and Emi Sakura (7-2) (w/Vickie Guerrero and LuLu Pencil) vs. Red Velvet (26-6), KiLynn King (13-10), and Ryo Mizunami (10-2). Let’s hope this gets a ton of time. Thankfully, Vickie doesn’t get a mic. Mizunami is now the SEEDLINING Beyond the Sea Champion and wears the belt to the ring, because belts have funny names in Japan, don’t they?

Mizunami and Diamante start. Long lockup, as Diamante goes to the eyes, but a chop does nothing. Diamante wants a receipt and Mizunami makes her regret it, then goes to the corner and delivers eleventy billion more, including the exclamation point. Hammer throw and clothesline follow, then Mizunami with a legdrop for two, brother. King tagged in, and she gets double knees to the face for two to a seated Diamante. Diamante with a kneelift and front facelock, but King lifts her up only for Diamante to roll them to the corner and bring in Sakura. Sakura rakes the back and throws King by the hair,but after a do-si-do, King gets Sakura to the corner and adds an elbow.

Velvet tags in and tosses King to the corner before leaping off her back and getting knees to Sakura. Stir it up choke follows, then a snapmare and dropkick for two. Forearms to Sakura, who tanks them and gets a kick and butterfly backbreaker (Mizunami on the apron going “OH NO” is just a bonus). Romero Special by Sakura, rolling it around for effect, then the We Will Rock You corner crossbody. Nyla in now, and she kicks Velvet really hard. Goozle lift by Rose into a front facelock to cut off the tag, then a Hammer Throw into a back elbow and clothesline.

She mocks an attempt to tag in Mizunami before knocking both women off the apron, but that allows Velvet a leg lariat. Diamante in first, and she cuts off Mizunami and goes up only for Velvet to follow with a Spanish Fly (!!) for one. Velvet may have knocked herself silly in the process because both are down. Hot tag Mizunami, and she spears Nyla right off the bat. Sakura slaps her around and joins with Diamante, but Mizunami spears both at once. Nyla with a thick clothesline, but Mizunami recovers with a uranage for two, everyone saves.

King back in to toss Sakura, then Diamante, before leaving. Back to Mizunami and Nyla, but not for long as King tags herself in with a spinkick and suplex try. Diamante grabs the leg and Nyla crushes King, following up with the Beast Bomb for the win at 6:50. Wait, Miami native Diamante gets a win in her hometown? What sorcery is this? **1/2 Replays show Velvet darn near landed on her head on the Spanish Fly, which may explain why she dropped out of the Bonzo Gonzo part.

It’s 30 minutes, enjoy it. See you tomorrow!