Proving WWE wrong… and right.

One of the unlikely surprises so far is how much progress Tay Conti has made, showing some personality and improvement in the ring (though still obviously limited). Compared to her WWE tenure, where she was programmed to work the same basic style that wasn't catching on, and never given a chance to be anything more than one of the countless warm bodies thrown on TV from time to time. I'm sure her cut was likely due to a backstage issue over not being used, but shows how you can find a gem where others have already written someone off.

Then you have Ruby Soho. She came in with a lot of buzz and “under-used” taglines, and has been a huge disappointment in everything she does once the bell rings. No matches stand out as “wow, how did WWE miss out with her?”, and often matches fall apart, regardless of the opponent. You can't blame the other worker when it's every match and a different opponent each time. Maybe WWE got that one right, she wasn't worth the push that others were clamoring for. 

Maybe, but at least she got the chance this time and you can't argue she didn't get a fair shake.