Division One

Assuming Vince doesn't Vince things up with some of this promising young talent now in NXT, who do you think has more potential to be a star, Bron or Gable? It seems like if either or both of them live up to half of the expectations it could be gamechanger for WWE. My thoughts are which either one Vince believes in more you could pair him with the Creed Brothers, who are freaking awesome, and start a stable called division one, since they all are former division athletes. Then after the 2023 rumble have that winner choose the Raw champion instead of Roman, who will still be champion. Just when Roman thinks he will have it easy breezy, boom division one stomps out the bloodline Nexus style and you have your Mania Main event/star building moment ready to go. 

Pretty sure Big Nephew Pump is gonna be the biggest star in Vince's eyes for the next decade.  Have you SEEN his meaty thighs, pal?