Saturday Night Happening – 16th October 2021

Hello everyone, I’m Gorilla Monsoon, and you join us once again at a sold-out Blog of Doom, for the Saturday Night thread.  The electricity is in the air for this one; you can literally cut it with a knife!

Last night history was made as AEW and WWE went head to head for an unbelievable evening of action; AEW Rampage: Buy In, Rampage itself, and WWE Supersized SmackdDown all hitting the airwaves – pandemonium was breaking loose across cable television and YouTube!

Plenty of speculation about who will get the winner’s share of the purse with regards viewership; we’re still waiting to get the official word on that one.  But if you’ve not checked it out as yet, take a look at the incredible knock-down-drag-out affair between Bryan Danielson and Minoru Suzuki on AEW Rampage: Buy In…