WWF Superstars – October 21st, 1995


October 21, 1995

From Valparaiso University in Valparaiso, IN

Your hosts are Vince McMahon, Jerry “The King” Lawler, and Jim Ross

This week’s featured match is Hakushi vs. Dean Douglas.


We learn that this week’s Undertaker vs. Kama match will not take place due to Undertaker’s injuries.


Henry O. Goodwin vs. Tim Knox

Knox would later go on to become Brian Fury, where he spent a few years in HWA. We see a video of Godwinn on his farm during his entrance. Knox boots Godwinn and lands a few shots but whiffs on a clothesline and gets hit with an elbow smash. The announcers mock Lawler for being put in the cage during RAW as Godwinn drops an elbow. We now see Hunter Hearst Helmsley head out to ringside with someone in a suit and he orders the guy to remove the slop bucket from ringside. Godwinn does his pig call then hits a wheelbarrow facecrusher as Vince brings up Shawn Michaels getting attacked in Syracuse, NY. Godwinn stays in control then hits the Slop Drop for the win (2:35). After the match, Godwinn goes over to where he left his bucket and realizes its gone. Godwinn is not too pleased then he storms backstage.

Thoughts: They finally paid off the angle from the 9/16 edition of “Superstars” where Helmsley walked off in disgust coming out for his match against Scott Taylor after Godwinn slopped Ted DiBiase and remained all over the floor. This also seems why Helmsley has been carrying around the atomizer. So, we now get the affluent Helmsley against the smelly hog farmer in Godwinn to look forward to in the coming weeks.


WWF Slam Jam with Dok Hendrix. He talks about all that is going on in the WWF and how anything can happen. He then plugs the November 25th show at Madison Square Garden and how The Undertaker will get a title shot on that show. We then go to the Nassau Coliseum show on November 10th where the main event is Diesel & Bret Hart & Shawn Michaels vs. British Bulldog & King Mabel & Yokozuna. We hear a taped promo from Shawn, which Dok stresses was recorded before his attack in Syracuse and even reads “recorded earlier” on the screen. Generic face promo here with Shawn promises his team will go “hog wild.” Dok then says he talked to Shawn and he’s pumped up for this match. I have the fan cam version of the MSG and Nassau show so they will be recapped.


Hakushi vs. Dean Douglas

We go split screen from the segment from RAW where Horowitz tries to teach Hakushi about American Baseball. Vince then brings up Sadaharu Oh and surprised Hakushi did not mention his name. Douglas’s entrance takes place after the break. We see a clip of Douglas attacking Shawn two weeks ago on RAW where he was issued a fine from Gorilla Monsoon. Vince talks about Shawn being attacked by ten thugs in Syracuse, NY then states Shawn will be on hand to defend the Intercontinental Title at the PPV against Douglas. Lawler makes fun of Hakushi for not knowing American culture as Douglas works a hammerlock. Douglas switches to a side headlock then Hakushi reverses to a headscissors on the mat. We now see The Bodydonnas & Rad Radford make their way down the aisle as Hakushi fires away. He covers for two after several overhead chops then hits a Vader Bomb for another nearfall. We see Radford saying how he wants to be a Bodydonna as Douglas hits Hakushi with a shoulderbreaker then works the neck. Douglas drops an elbow for two as he has slowed down the pace significantly while on offense. Douglas hits a vertical suplex for two then goes back to cranking the neck. Douglas slams Hakushi then heads up top but misses a knee drop. Hakushi runs wild then heads to the apron for a springboard splash but Douglas got his knees up. Douglas punts Hakushi a couple of times then uses a fisherman’s suplex for the win (5:40) 1/2*.

Thoughts: Bad match with neither guy really being able to work with each other. Douglas was slow and plodding and Hakushi did not do any of his cool offense. They are continuing the Bodydonnas/Hakushi & Horowitz stuff with Radford now saying he wants to be a Bodydonna as he can get added to this lower card feud that has run its course. And Douglas really has not shown much in the ring during this run and this crowd did not care about him so its not exactly what you want going into an Intercontinental Title PPV match.


Back in the Slam Jam Studio with Dok Hendrix. He’s now shilling Bret Hart & Shawn Michaels standees that cost $25 each plus shipping & handling. And of course, you get that classic VHS tape.


Fatu vs. Terry Richards

Richards attacks Fatu from behind then tries a pair of turnbuckle smashes to no effect and Fatu fights back. We hear from Helmsley in an insert promo as he shudders to think about a “street person” then vows to not only defeat Fatu at the PPV but also make an appearance today. Vince talks about Undertaker’s crushed face as Fatu stays in control but will be back in time for the MSG show in November. Fatu works a chin lock then hits a running cutter before going up top and hitting a flying splash for the win (2:29). We also learn that Bob Backlund is the special guest referee for the six-man tag at the Nassau Coliseum show in November.

Thoughts: Just a win for Fatu heading into tomorrow’s PPV with the commentary just as focused at hyping up the house shows than the Helmsley vs. Fatu match.


We see several minutes of the six-man tag from RAW two weeks ago, including the attacks from Douglas and Mabel.


The Paul Bearer promo that aired on RAW is shown.


Vince welcomes Diesel to the ring. He asks Diesel about his feud with the British Bulldog. Diesel talks about offering Bulldog a hand in friendship but that Bulldog “bit the hand” that fed him. Diesel then says if Bulldog considers the six-man tag win a victory then he leads a “shallow life.” Vince now wonders if Diesel can keep his cool against Bulldog. We are shown a woman in the crowd going nuts then the camera zooms in on Diesel as he talks about not wanting to keep cool. The belt zooms in on the title then back on Diesel as he tells Bulldog its his only chance to win the title and that he will take Bulldog to “obedience school.” Just a dreadful promo here and really seems like the nail in the coffin of this current Diesel character.


A hype video for next week’s 20 Man Battle Royal on RAW this coming Monday night.


We head backstage and see Helmsley spraying Fatu with his atomizer as several officials hold Fatu back. Then, Helmsley comes out for his match.


Hunter Hearst Helmsley vs. Joe Deegan

They changed Dorgan’s name to Deegan here. Lawler tells Helmsley is spraying a scent from Stu Hart called “really Old Spice.” Vince says that Bret Hart will be part of the broadcast team during the World Title match at the PPV. Helmsley suplexes Deegan then takes a bow. The announcers switch to talking about Shawn Michaels condition and you can get updates on the Superstar Line. Deegan surprises Helmsley with a rollup for two. Deegan hits a dropkick and fires away but gets elbowed then beaten down in the corner. Helmsley stays in control then hits the Pedigree for the win (2:59).

Thoughts: Another win for Helmsley who also had someone steal Godwinn’s slop bucket and sprayed Fatu in the face with an atomizer on this show. Truly a breakout episode for Helmsley but really, this does seem like they plan to push him more going forward.


WWF Slam Jam with Dok Hendrix. We hear from Jim Cornette with Bulldog, Mabel (and Mo behind Mabel barely seen on screen as he standing in the dark. Shows what they think of him). They hype the six man at the Nassau Coliseum show.


Back from break, the hosts run down the PPV. They stress how Shawn should not even risk showing up nevermind competing.


We hear from Goldust as he quotes “Jaws” and how he makes his WWF premiere tomorrow night. He also states we will never forget. Funny he should say that as I legitimately forgot he was on this PPV.


A music video hyping the PPV closes the show. A rather generic, dated production here. Fitting for what would follow I suppose.


Final Thoughts: We had a featured match that was not any good whatsoever and the rest of the show seemed to focus on Hunter Hearst Helmsley. The PPV hype was there too but that’s not setting the world on fire. And after the PPV, we get a new set of TV tapings which will be welcome change from the stuff that aired this week.


Here is my schedule for the rest of the week:

Friday: WWF Action Zone 10/22/95

Saturday: WWF In Your House 4

Sunday: WWF Monday Night RAW 10/23/95

Monday: WWF Superstars 10/28/95

Tuesday: WWF Monday Night RAW 10/30/95

Wednesday: WWF Superstars 11/4/95

Thursday: WWF Monday Night RAW 11/6/95