Blog of DOOM Daily Thread – 14th October 2021

Happy Thursday Everyone!

No Dynamite on Wednesday makes Mike go something, something

But yeah, the weekend can’t come soon enough when it comes to the Rampage/Dynamite combo for me. Danielson Vs Suzuki!!!

I recently wrote an article for Gaming Respawn where I looked at five wrestlers you wouldn’t want to play as in wrestling games. Please find the link below if you fancy giving it a read

Scheduled today on the Blog: I’m writing this Wednesday Night so I don’t know what Scott has planned for us today yet but I’m sure it’ll be absolutely belting! There’s still time to read some of the reviews from yesterday of course, with Jabroniville’s Dream Matches, my ROH 2003 review and Logan’s WWF review from 1990 all being fine slices of wrestling reviewery.

WWE releases have mucked up the 2K22 DLC

I’m sure they’ll destroy the game with micro transactions (Sorry, “surprise mechanics”, how silly of me) in order to make some of that money back

Bryan Danielson to do a wrestle with Minoru Suzuki. THIS IS NOT A DRILL PEOPLE!!!

I’m sure they’ll have a very cromulent battle

Raw ratings down

I’m sure all kinds of sports were on though so I don’t think you should read too much into it just yet

newLEGACYinc have done a deathmatch horror tournament

Have a gooden everyone!