All Shook Up

What a difference a week makes. Last week Tony was on top of the world, tweeting about how he can't wait to beat smackdown when they go head to head Friday. His big shot was the talk of the IWC even though he didn't actually have the guts to tag anyone in his “bold” tweet, he just weirdly say you. But then the rampage ratings came out and WWE announced the last 30 mins of smackdown were commercial free. It seemed like Tony got straight rattled and is working frazzled.

He has spent all week talking about WWE anywhere he was interviewed, way more than normal. “Raw sucked last week, we have the best weekly show, blah blah blah”. He gets pictured at Jaguars game with the lineup for Full Gear scribbled out on his notepad with Hangman circled. Out of nowhere he announces a buy in show, which makes zero sense cause it doesn't lead to a show you have to buy which generally is the purpose of that kind of show. Puts it on youtube which will have zero effect on taking any ratings from smackdown since it's again its on youtube. And then gives away a big DB match that caters perfectly to AEW crowd and probably would of been a nice rating on a TV show. Which why not move the Bobby Fish match up, I don't think anyone is dying to watch that on TV anyway. And when did Bobby Fish become this big draw anyway, he also has a match on the buy in. Which poor Lee Moriarty is doing the job because you know….well that's a topic for another day. 

On top of this now he is saying well it doesn't matter who wins this weekend, we just got to worry about putting on out the best show. But Tony was the one who said it did matter and they were gonna beat smackdown. So does the abysmal rampage ratings and WWE directly or indirectly trying to mess with AEW have him shook? He has he internet dweebs like voices of wrestling out here trying to defend him, saying wwe is releasing rampages overnight ratings to make them look bad. We also have sneakergate cause it was so offensive that Top Dolla made jokes about all the focus on AEW and expensive sneakers, which isn't allowed b/c top dollar hasn't drawn money. Maybe TK wasn't really ready for the smoke?

I know your response will just be “looks like Tony has you SHOOK” but curious on the blogs thoughts?

Looks like Tony has you SHOOK.