Is Pete Dunne in limbo?

Good morning Mr. Keith.  Hope all is well and family is safe. As i wait for my dumb city to trade Eichel to one of your canadian teams, i can't help but ask, what's going on with Pete Dunne?  He's been one of the best in the world IMO since his UK Title reign started.  Never moved up to the main roster in a full capacity.  He signed a new contract extension, so theres got to be an insentive, right? He's Trips project, if that carries any weight anymore in nXt. Do you think they gave him the hard sell that if nXt 2.0 suceeds, he will be a big part of it and given credit?  But he's not even being booked much of importance anyway on that show. The UK brand hasn't presented him much since WALTER detrhoned him.  Are they just gonna randomly have him show up on raw or smackdown, just to get lost in the shuffle?  The man is ready to be a full fledged star in any company you put him in.  
Hey man, Dunne was free and clear and could have went anywhere he wanted last month.  He knew what NXT was and where it was going and he chose to stay.  If he wants to float in the midcard trading wins with Von Wagner and making NXT money then he’s a big boy and I’m not gonna worry about rallying for him.