Blog of DOOM Daily Thread – 13th October 2021

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

FIFA 22 continues to be playable if flawed. I haven’t bothered going online with it, because stuff Ultimate Team and all who sale in her. Not bothered with Volta mode yet either, but I might do in due course.

Scheduled today on the Blog: Scott and Thomas will likely have their NXT 2.0 reviews up. I think it’s another AEW show, so Andy will probably have that. Jabroniville has more Dream Matches for us. Logan has some more WWF from 1990 for us. I’ve got another ROH review from 2003.

News from Cultaholic

Becky Lynch’s Heel turn was apparently a WWE call

That company continues to baffle me

Mansoor Vs Mustafa Ali scheduled for Saudi Slam

This is one of the few shows where you can usually expect them to put the hometown guy over

CM Punk would like to wrestle in New Japan

Punk not knowing what to make of Toru Yano would pop me to be honest

Smosh play Human Simulator

Have a gooden everyone!