Blog of DOOM Daily Thread – 12th October 2021

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Writing this one on Monday night. Been playing a bit of the new FIFA game, and I have to ask whether anyone else on PS4 keeps experiencing periods of slowdown when they play the game offline? On more than one occasion it’s happened in Career Mode and it almost led to me conceding a goal at one stage. Shout out if this is a common thing or not.

Scheduled today on the Blog: I’m sure Thomas will have the Raw review whilst Andy will have the AEW Elevation review (Featuring Devon “Crowbar” Storm). Scott will assuredly have something planned as well!

News from Cultaholic

WWE wants Gable Steveson to debut at the next WrestleMania

That seems pretty optimistic to be honest. Even Kurt Angle needed a spell in developmental first, and I don’t think Steveson is going to actually have any pro-matches prior to this. I really don’t see the benefit in rushing him.

Stephanie McMahon inducted into the Sports Hall of Fame

About time she got the recognition she deserved for inventing women’s wrestling!

Cain Velasquez returning to AAA in December

I’d be into the idea of him JDS being a tag team actually if anyone wants to book it

Adam Cole and Evil Uno play Far Cry 6

Let me guess, the villain is way more interesting than the actual protagonist?

Have a gooden everyone!