Hiya Scott,

I was wondering if you have any tips about using FITE to watch AEW. Do you have a VPN you'd recommend? Do you have to jump through hoops to pay for it? I'm in the US, fwiw.

I'm tired of paying Sling $35 a month just for AEW. But I'd still like to support the product. 

Thanks for getting me back into wrestling again, with your AEW COVERAGE! 


I use Surfshark.  It’s about $50 a year and I’ve never noticed any issues with slowdown while using the VPN.  You sign up, install a Chrome extension, and then switch your region to the European country of your choice.   Then go to FITE while in Europe and sign up for AEW Plus.  The AEW links only appear while you’re using the VPN but you can cast it to your TV if you want.  Plus you get discounted AEW PPV on Fite as a bonus.  I found it very easy to navigate.